Luna: Cosplay History

It’s been almost 8 years since I first heard the word Cosplay, it is hard to believe that hearing a word could lead me to where I am today. 12 London MCM Expos, 2 Amecons, 1 Ayacon, 1 Japanese Arts Festival and 3 Manga nights later I find myself creating Just Cosplay.

Cosplay to me is a creative outlet and an educational learning curve. I have always been into creating making and art since a young age, it really runs in the family as my parents were both in the medieval society and dressed in fully clad chain armours with swords and fancy medieval dresses. my mother always making clothes for me and modifying clothes making cuddly toys. However don’t think this means they completely approve of cosplay, trust me they don’t hahaha.

So when Cosplay came along it was a god send.  However I did not know how many people created their own Cosplays or what Cosplay was like in the rest of the world, until 5 years ago when I stopped buying my costumes and created my first Cosplay “Elementalist Canthan Armour” from GuildWars: Factions. My inspiration for making my own was purely because I couldn’t buy costumes for the characters I wanted, for the characters I loved most. Of course having Friends who loved cosplay and went to cons at this point too even finding my long term boyfriend there helped encourage me even more.

The reason I say Cosplay is an educational curve is because you learn so much from Cosplaying, and making your own, not just life skills, personal skills, social skills, and when you enter competition you learn true sportsmanship, you are constantly learning all the time. Even today I am still learning about materials, construction, other countries and their Cosplay.

My favorite Cosplay sources tend to be games even though I love anime outfits so much. This I feel is because of the challenge that the designs tend to pose, full blown armour and the detail is incredible compared to most simpler anime styles. It also helps that in the last two years I have been a lot more into online Gaming such as GuildWars, Aion, and League Of Legends, which have some of the most stunning designs you will set your eyes on, some bioluminescence, glowing weapons and armour, heavy and light armour, leather work, wings, and some designs that look like they defy gravity itself and not forgetting my favorite the detail. Some people don’t worry about detail but for me detail in my Cosplays is everything I like to make sure I get the last little pieces in I don’t like missing things out, I guess this is why when I start a Cosplay the first thing I do is sketch out any smaller details, parts of the Cosplay up close before shopping around for bargains.

My Personal Cosplay Principles:

  1. If it’s not fun you’re not doing it right.
  2. If  you aren’t getting excited about a project, choose something else.
  3. Choose something because you like it not because other people tell you to. 
  4. When making a Cosplay try learn something new.
  5. Catalogue everything you do, so that next project you have references.
  6. Just because you don’t Spend thousands of pounds on a costume doesn’t mean it’s not as good as someone who has.

I can not wait to start this New Year with progress on my new project and share with everyone else what I’m learning and what I find, it’s going to be awesome.


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