Mithril’s Bio

I started cosplaying in 2006 with a very good friend of mine at London MCM Expo in October. Even tho the costume wasn’t as professional as I would of liked it now I still felt very proud of it. It gave me a buzz, a feeling like I belonged somewhere that I was missing at the time.  I cosplayed because it was  fun of it and I liked feeling part of a  community. I also liked the compliments I got off my friends and family as at that time in my life I didn’t have much confidence in myself. I did a mixture of buying costumes online and altering clothes I bought at a charity shop as I didn’t have much money back then since I was at college.

2010 was the first year I started cosplaying to attend an big anime group. It was fun but a bit chaotic at times, I suppose I got a bit overwhelmed with the amount of people in one area. Even tho I attended MCM London expo for several years I wasn’t interacting with alot of people like I was with a group.  Despite all this I really liked the fact the people in the groups where really welcoming and I have made many friends who I am still friends with today. I was making some of my costumes by hand, some by altering clothes and some by buying of the internet. I also got more serious into wigs and bought nicer quality ones than the ones from the joke shops. At this time I also looked at other cosplayers and thought how amazing their costumes where. I started in myself to appreciated the detail in a costume even tho I couldn’t quite figure this out in my own.

In 2012 I first entered the masquerade in my Queen Beryl cosplay. I’ve never seen the masquerade in real life but I knew friends who had entered and something in the back of my mind was telling me to do it.  The costume took alot of time and patience to make as I was doing alot of things for the first time like prop making. When I wore it for MCM London expo I got alot of photo’s taken and compliments that I’ve never experienced before. It felt really nice as these strangers could see I worked hard on my costume and appreciated it. The masquerade itself was nerve wrecking at the start. Someone who was next to me in the queue to line up to enter backstage was panicking alot and I felt I just had to calm her down and the entry before me was a 3 and half minute long vocaloid act which made me nervous as at the time all I wanted to do was to get on the stage and get my walk on over with.

The people who also entered the masquerade where so friendly and helpful. I really liked the atmosphere behind there, I like talking to people about their costumes and find out how they did certain elements. I felt like now I was older this is where I belong, perhaps a little to old to join in with the anime groups as new generation of fans started to come in who I totally didn’t feel comfortable being around.

Looking forwards I hope to enter more masquerades and attend even more conventions and expo rather than just mcm London expo. I would eventually like to enter eurocosplay although at this minute in time I feel like I’m not good enough. Cosplay is still fun to me, now I like the challenge of the costume, learning about new techniques and then all the compliments I get. There are times I wanna chuck things against the wall but thats all part of the costume making progress.

My cosplay years have been fun and I hope to continue, no matter what life throws, chucks or puts in my way.

My Cosplaying Principles: 

  • Have fun when cosplaying, if it ain’t fun it’s not worth your time
  • It doesn’t matter what height, weight, race or disablites you have you should still be able to cosplay if you want to
  • It’s ok to buy costumes online if you don’t have the time or cash to make one by scratch.
  • There’s never to much sparkles and glitter , ever.

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