Luna: Year of The Aristocrat

This year seems not really much of a change in my Cosplay choices, in fact none at all. My next project is the Human Aristocrat Cultural Armour from GuildWars2. I chose this project as I really fell in love with the game when it was released and this is one of my favorite armours within the game. The design for the outfit is enjoyable there are not too many details but enough to keep me busy, there are also armoured elements such as the mask Pouldren, Mask, and Buckle, and not forgetting the amazing hat, which covers my motto that every Cosplay I make there should be something new to try, as I have never attempted hats and this ones rather fancy.

GuildWars2: Human Cultural Armour

Where would an MMORPG Character be though if she didn’t have her weaponry? So I searched through a lot of the GuildWars2 weapons archives and looked at what I had in game. In the end since she is a Necromancer sticking to the lore of the game I decided on making Duel daggers, of course not the simplest ones I could find, I wanted a challenge although the Bifrost would have been a little bit too much of a challenge!

Of The Dragons Deep: Arah Daggers

You may see more of my reference images on my CosplayIsland Account I can not wait to get started on this project I have so many new things I want to try in this costumes construction! I have already been sketching out parts to get the feel of how and what I can do to make it.


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