Ryzy: A guide to me, or… how I learned to love dressing weird publicly.

Hey there!

I’m Ryzy, in my mid twenties and I like to wear skirts. Well that’s the basic gist of it. XD I like to make films and constantly like to imagine video sequences in my head.

I started cosplaying in 2006 after attending a con in jeans and a t-shirt, feeling misplaced and thinking “that looks fun”. Next con I had a very simple Hideki Motosuwa cosplay after repeatedly hearing “you should start simple”, looking back, I get it, but why not just have fun with it. You try it and then you get kind of hooked on it, the opportunity to be dress differently and be someone who you aren’t, that slight bit of escapism in an otherwise busy and chaotic life. It also acts as a huge ice breaker, which as a shy and retiring person when I first starting attending cons, led me on to meet hundreds of people and even my long-term girlfriend.

When you first get into it, those around you just assume it’s something like fancy dress, after all my parents were used to entering me into all those fancy dress competitions at Butlin’s holiday camps when I was a child, and I probably will never will forgot winning a set of children’s bowls. A small prize but for a child, amazing I guess.

A few raised eyebrows and laughs were had when I started donning skirts after my first crossplay outing as Haruhi Suzumiya in 2008. Largely coming about from curiosity and the slight envy that women get a few dress up options than men. If nothing else I learnt skirts were ludicrously comfortable. After some compliments and a few bewildered passers by who genuinely mistook me for a women, I couldn’t help but want to keep this up to some extent. I’m no pro cosplayer and I’ve definitely had some mixed success with crossplay, where for me, the most important things seems to be can I pass as a woman and do I look ok? Also you learn some interesting skills a man you never thought you’d need, such as how to use effeminate make up, what to look for in a bra when you have no boobs and how to buy said clothing becoming too embarrassed in front of a sales assistant.

It’s now 2013 and I’m still here, while I still have almost everything to learn, I can at least say I’ve had fun with it and find myself in the position where you look at almost everything, random items and random pieces of clothing for cosplaying potential.

My cosplaying principles:

  1. It should be fun, there’s a lot of other outlets for your time and energy if you don’t enjoy it.
  2. Cosplay is a great opportunity to go outside your comfort zone. Con people don’t tend to flinch at much these days.
  3. Accuracy is always awesome, but making sure you look at least believable tends to help more.
  4. Your never too manly for make-up.
  5. Find your own happy medium.

That’s about it really, I’ve probably left loads of things I could have said out but I hope you’ll enjoy reading my opinions and general entries and I hope maybe I’ll learn loads from others as well as maybe helping someone else. 🙂


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