Luna: Snow Days are Go Days

Hey, Hows everyone’s local weather forecast? Facebook news feed full of excited cosplayers talking about snow? Mine sure is! So I thought I would whip up a blog about Cosplay photography in the snow, and what you can do if you don’t have any, and the best way to do it if you have!


First your cosplay choice, choose anything you like, If your character has snowy scenes from its origin then even better, however please please remember one thing, girls and boys, if it is a skimpy costume remember it is VERY cold out, please take blankets with you to wrap up in between shots otherwise you could end up getting ill, and that’s the last thing you need with con season just around the corner. If you have a photographer with you remember to think of them too, if you are the photographer remember not to forget about how cold the cosplayers getting while you’re taking 10 or more minutes to compose the shot. Maybe even take a flask of your favourite hot drink to share.

I want to do this too but not very good with self timers!

Well That’s not an issue. Do you have a favourite prop or piece of armour? Why not take pictures of that in the snow, like the imagery of clouds buster sword in an empty open space gathering snow, or like this Deviant from DeviantART Who used their Skyrim helmet to create a wonderful shot!

Cosplayer and photographer:

Skiers wear dark tinted sunglasses for a reason!

When you watch people on the ski slope they wear dark tinted goggles, not to just look cool, but because snow reflects a lot of light, a lot more than normal. So when taking the shot remember this, it is a good thing but sometimes too much light can spoil a potentially great photo. Take advantage of the snows reflective properties though especially at sunset and even Dusk, If your cosplay has lights on it imagine what a great effective shot you could get from the lights of a costume reflecting on the snow.

I have no snow 😦

Not to worry little one, Go out take some amazing shots and add your snow afterwards! Photoshop is great for creating things that some people just don’t get. This great GuildWars Cosplayer took these photos and added in her gorgeous snow scenes afterwards!

My cosplay might get ruined, but I want to do it!

Then do it, it’s not often you get the opportunity  besides there will be very little to no damage to your cosplays, unless you do it yourself, snow is just water at the end of the day, just stay out of mud and you will be fine, in case of mud you can always wait until its dry and brush it off afterwards or use a slightly damp cloth. Depending on your material however armour may not come out wet so well, this again comes back to choosing your cosplay wisely. Just remember not to go running out into the snow flailing your arms like a lunatic rolling around, and you should be fine.

Every snowflake tells a tale

Snow is used in many stories for dramatic effects, to tell very sad stories, Like in the end of House of the Flying Daggers for instance. These two cosplayers on DeviantART used their inner Character to pull of this amazingly striking scene.

Here’s are some links to some more amazing Snowy cosplay photography! Take a look and if you’re on DA don’t forget to login and give them a comment, and a Fav! Get inspired and go do some of your own and don’t forget to share it with us on our facebook page!


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