Luna: Cosplayers that inspire, for all the right reasons!


There is a big part of being a Cosplayer, that not a lot of people count as part of being one, but it generally does when you’re in the community.  Being inspired, influenced and having personal cosplay idols, is not unusual, in fact should be encouraged. These people are not famous, some may work for companies as a Cosplayer however it is not their first profession, they cosplay for the love of it like the rest of us.

A lot of people these days have Facebook fan pages, like pages, Twitter and the like. These pages are a great way to interact with other cosplayers, learn from others, talk about your hobby with others, just like you would at a convention. In this blog I wanted to share a few of these cosplayers with you, a few that I love, a few that have inspired me, and some that I support with a passion.

The first I want to share with you is a French Cosplayer. To me she has been the last 2 years worth of inspiration, I watched her progress and her performances.  I am referring to the amazing Hizaki, France’s EuroCosplay representative for 2012. She has made a mixture of cosplays, ranging from simple garments of Malon from The Legend of Zelda, to heavy hardcore armour from Forsaken World and Aion: The Tower of Eternity. I finally got to meet her during the EuroCosplay finals in London, a year after she inspired me to finish my Spiritmaster from Aion.  Although there was a language barrier, just to be able to experience her costumes up close was a dream in itself, It is almost like meeting your favourite film star for the first time, getting to experience such craftsmanship really is inspiring.

You May see her work for yourself including her EuroCosplay final and entry costumes on her Facebook page here but here are a few of her Cosplays below for your enjoyment.

Of course, not all cosplayers I admire are that close to home, although they have visited here. I will never forget standing outside the venue for the first International Grand Cosplay Ball in London, in the pouring rain, cold, at well past midnight deciding which way to take home, when she turned to me and said “You look really pretty.” I don’t really remember the rest of the small part of a conversation we had, it was such a while ago, but I wish I had known then who she was. It wasn’t until I returned home that I found out it had been none other than America’s Yaya Han who I had been speaking to, Master Seamstress! People look so different outside of costumes, I had been following and looking at her website the best part of at least 6 months reading things she had written trying to figure out how to make my first cosplay. I will never forget the kindness she showed me that day and for that I will always support her. Her costumes range from a variety of sources, and a variety of techniques and styles. She has done costumes from Marvel backgrounds to the elaborate Granada Espada, and even created the most beautiful Original designs, her peacock being one of my favourites. She has her own website and store where you can buy bits and pieces, as well as a twitter and Facebook page you can follow. Here are the links, and a few of my favourite images of her costumes. She is also currently a supplier of Worbla to the US, and her current project is Fiora Nightraven Skin From League of Legends!

Carmilla costume made/modeled by Yaya Han, photographed at Katsucon 2012 by Sweet Sensation Photo (

Costume made and worn by Yaya Han. LeBlanc Wizard – Granado Espada (photgraphed by Gerardo J. Flores).

Not all of the Cosplayers are, Cosplayers, my next feature is a photographer, and a great one at that. Kasumi Photography is known for Cosplaying her beloved and favourite Character Kasumi from DoA, but it seems her favourite position is behind the camera at events. She is one to admire for many reasons, she’s got artistic talent in more than one area, and she tends to put others in front of the camera before herself, which is a shame, as she is a very talented Cosplayer too! so Check out her page, give her some love, and give the cosplayers she takes stunning images of love and likes too!

Surely there can’t be more? Yes, yes there is there is loads, and I could go on forever but I shall not, there is an end I promise you.

So what of the guys? there are not many, in fact male cosplayers and Crosplayers are harder to find unless there’s a competition like the Otaku house cosplay idol contest, there just does not seem as many, it is a shame, step forth my young and older male cosplayers! your skill is much wanted, and people would love to view it as much.

Ok so I do have this one male Cosplayer I would like to talk about, I have only recently stumbled upon him, though I am ashamed as he has Cosplayed one of my favourite childhood characters Goku from Dragonball Z. Of course I am referring to LivingIchigo. A Cosplayer with a great personality, and really gets into his character when in front of the camera, and isn’t that not half of what Cosplay is, getting into character, being the character. He does take his cosplay to some extreme with dieting and exercise regime, but when you see his Cosplays you understand why. However this isn’t the only thing about this Cosplayer. Despite having a Facebook page with a high amount of fans, he tries his hardest to reply to every message he gets, not a lot of cosplayers do this. He also makes an effort if anything goes up negative in any way shape or form on his page about other cosplayers that it is removed straight away. Of course he is not alone though, his stunning Girlfriend JoJo also has her own page. Again some pictures of these two amazing cosplayers.

Copyright 2012 Darkain Multimedia

Ok before I bore you to death (though if you are a cosplay lover I shouldn’t be), there is one more person I would love to share with you, I have already shared her on our Facebook news feed so you may recognise her. Shappi Workshop is a great Cosplayer a really friendly person and really deserves more credit than she gets. I’ve been watching her page for a  long time, since she won her place in EuroCosplay qualifiers back in 2010 (she done it again in 2011) and she always replies to messages and comments by her fans, I owe her this feature for putting up with my random comments *insert random creepy laughter* no really, she is amazing, and her recent cosplay adventures took her to IEM and saw her picking up First place in the Cosplay competition as Riven From League of Legends.

Thank you all for reading!


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