Luna: Sweet Sweet Loot: Earrings

I love it when my character says that in GuildWars2 it usually means I have some exotics to put on my character!  This is no different. I noticed when I chose my cosplay she has earrings. This is really unusual, most of the time ears are covered in hair or armour or they don’t have earrings. so for the first time I decided not to buy anything to do with this costume everything shall be hand made 100%  even the earrings! So here I shall tell you my simple Earring method whilst sticking to the lore of the game as my reference images didn’t really give much of an indication to what the earrings are like except green pixels and circles.

LORE: To Create a master earring in GuildWars you need to make a Setting, a hook, a filigree, and you need a gemstone of choice. according to what stats you have.

So I bought according to level of the armour Silver hooks, Silver Filigrees, Glass beads and Wire Settings. to create these. I bought mine off eBay for 99p for 100 (for each part) that leaves plenty of room for mistakes. They are simple to put together though. Take your central setting wire, thread on a bead, thread on the filigree then thread on the hook and wrap the remaining wire around to hold it all together. I closed my filigrees up a bit as they were way too big for my beads.

Master Sapphire Silver Earring

If you don’t have pierced ears its no issue you can buy magnetic earring studs just the same.

Once I had made one pair I realised just how easy it was to make them I found myself making pair after pair and eventually made the green ones for the costume, however in my reference images she doesn’t have 2 identical earrings one is short the other long and hangs on her shoulder a chain of beads with a circular piece at the bottom, so I will be using a similar technique for it, I will still have the hook at the top with the filigree, but I will use normal wire which shall go through my chain of beads through a small hold in the top of the circular pendant and back up through the beads to hold it all together and keep it neat rather than having a scruffy joint at the bottom. I will post another picture once I have made this one too.


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