Mithril: The £20 Cosplay Challenge Part 1

As anime is becoming ever more popular more and more people are considering Cosplaying as their favourite characters.  However it may seem daunting on where to start and if you can afford it. So hence I’ve decided to do this challenge, I will try and make an entire cosplay for £20 or under!  Along the way I will show tips and tricks on how to create a good looking cosplay for not a lot of cash.

I’ve decided to cosplay as dawn from Pokemon:

The first step is to break the costume down into bits and where to find them. The vest top and the black socks I can buy new from a cheap clothes shop. The waistcoat and skirt will probably come from a charity shop, the scarf I would have to make and modify some boots. If lady luck is on my side I should be able to find the bag in a charity shop but if not I will make a pokeball or find a plushie.

I’ve asked a friend if I can borrow a wig for this cosplay. Borrowing wigs off friend’s is a good idea to kick start your Cosplaying journey but if you plan to cosplay a character a lot I would save up and invest in a wig. When borrowing a wig it’s important to take good care of it. Wear a wig cap, don’t go rolling down a hill or do anything else that will get the wig in a complete tangle and brush it lightly after use. That way you won’t have a falling out with a friend and they will trust you to borrow more wigs off of them . Don’t forget to return the favour =)

I’m looking forward to this challenge and hope I can show you guys that you don’t need a lot of money to have a good cosplay, after all the less you spend on cosplay the more you can spend at the con =D

If you have any ideas on challenges you would like me to do or would like any tips on Cosplaying cheaply don’t be afraid to contact me, by writing on our FaceBook wall, Leaving a comment below or E-mailing =)


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