Tari Telrunya’s Bio

My first attempt at costuming was as a cast member at a small renaissance faire in Texas. I have always enjoyed pretty dresses in movies and renaissance faires gave me my first taste at wearing them. My first entrance into cosplay actually came from being really bored on DeviantART one night where I discovered the costume section. To my surprise the 5th and 6th Doctor from the show Doctor Who were in the middle of a renaissance faire! I began communicating with the 5th Doctor in the picture, now a good friend of mine and an amazing fashion designer, the rest is history 🙂

My first cosplay was Astrid Peth from the Doctor Who Christmas special “voyage of the damned” yes it was a very inaccurate online french maid outfit, but the boots were closer and for a first attempt to be worn at a rennaisance faire, not bad 🙂

In the years since that time in 2010, I have cosplayed a lot of characters, predominately Doctor Who, but I am branching out into others. Some of the ones I have done are Amy Pond, The Rani (classic who), Anastasia, Applejack, Bubbles (powerpuff girls), Calvierri Vampire, Arwen and others. I am happy I have found a way to express my inner geek, and to dress up and have fun.

Gallifrey One 23 (2012) 063



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