Luna: Maven Of The Strings

I have decided to work on a new cosplay project, in fact I have known this for a while, why? What about the GuildWars Cosplay? I really am not sure just a lack of inspiration and enthusiasm I felt like I was forcing myself to do it. One of my principles of course is not to do anything you aren’t inspired by or feel enthusiastic  towards.

My references are 2 pieces of artwork both done by Riot so its going to be hard to stick to one thing or another as they are both quite different in certain points.

I have already bought all of the fabric and some expanding foam for the harp like instrument she plays.  I will be using EL wire for the strings, and using extensions instead of dying the wig as dying will only make it green rather than yellow.  I will posting blogs about how I do all of these thins so if you’re curious about anything on how I’m going to be making a certain point stick around. And if I don’t mention it don’t hesitate to leave a comment as I will also be keeping a mini book alongside the project to keep note of all the things I will be doing and have done so it will be easy for me to back track and tell people.

Sona’s Debut will be at London MCM Expo this May *fingers crossed* there’s lots to do and I’m so excited to do more than I already have done. Just for the basic dress.  The only issues I’m having at the moment would be the fact I would LOVE a helping hand or even a  model so I could work on it whilst it was on someone rather than having to keep stopping and trying bits on and pining myself a million and one times, such is the life of cosplay, no pain no gain!

Here is a small piece of progress (it still needs more adjusting) on her “harp” for you. the meter ruler is there just for size comparison but this is where all my props start, a simple cardboard base. Drawn and cut out and then I build upon this with other materials, such as the expanding foam.

This is also the first non armour cosplay I’ve really done, so a challenge for me for sure. And hopefully an improvement on my Aion Cosplay!

And anyone who wants to know:
Server: EUWest
Summoner name: Farsia


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