Ryzy: Making up a make-up kit

Crossplay, always a fun activity.

As I said before I’m far from professional, but that said I’m always interested in trying to get better or making myself look better. Come con time, I’ve always thrown coplay up, made sure it looked tidy and then begged my partner to do my make-up for me, to which I’m usually told “you don’t need it, don’t worry about it” usually in rebuttal to sleeping too long in the mornings and her throwing the hotel room around sorting herself out, this in turn makes me a little apprehensive for a few hours. I’m a bit self-conscious about it and if I can I prefer to be convincing, at least to some extent or listen to hours of people going “Did you lose a bet?” if it’s apparent I’m a guy in a skirt.

In the early days when I first got into crossplay, I briefly played about with make-up, I always remember buying some 50p-£1 lipstick from Tesco and trying it out, I took a picture of this and at the time I quite liked the effect, wasn’t sure if it looked a bit trashy or not, but I liked it however I was still very nervous about everything at the time and the lipstick stayed away from use at the con if I remember right. I remember slapping Haruhi on, on a night out in Dunstable many moons ago, the cosplay was untidy with a lack of make-up and the wig thrown on in the men’s toilets, yet I strolled out and had one of the staff call me “darling” or something before double taking, so I guess at the time I thought this was acceptable.

So come a recent visit by my partner, I’m not sure how the subject got going but make-up was discussed, I like using her stuff and probably always will but it’s always awkward relying on her to have what I need, or if she limits something off, I have a problem. The other issue was that a lot of the stuff she had was suited to her skin tones and not mine. We’re both quite pale but I guess she gets more of that Norfolk sunshine than me. XD

I decided it would be worthwhile to have my own kit, this would solve a few problems and then I could always practice make-up in my spare time and maybe be able to sort it myself. Within about a day or two, I had got myself a 12 piece brush set, some concealer  powder, eye shadow and an eye pencil, all quite cheap but all, good stuff, we tried it out and it looked good. The “my daughter” jokes from the father start for a few mins, but generally I’m happy. My partner leaves me a list of stuff I need, that she’d made when we started on this, then she returns back home. Looking at this list now, scares the crap out of me, I’ve done some of it, mascara for £1, can’t complain and added my own some £1 lipsticks, pink and red (going back to the early days I feel), and have been scouting out other bits and pieces.

I spent some time time in a make-up shop the other day, looking, looking, looking some more, find an list item, “lip liner” £2 (I’m a bit a cheap skate and want everything for £1), the problem being the twelve different colours, for some reason I thought it was universally black, my bad. So I had to leave it for the moment, don’t want to buy stuff I’ll never need, that’s just a waste. So in the end I settle for some Miku-Shade nail polish in case I do Miku again. I was going to get a generic pink to tidy up my nails for presentation value, but the words laqeur threw me off.

Still got stuff to get but a lot of this has brought up to me how little I know about make-up, it was always going to be a learning curve but sometimes my own ignorance surprises me. So I guess I’ll just have to read into it a bit more, learn some things and carry on, but at least I realised this now instead of when I actually need the stuff.

Worst case scenario, I’ll just borrow my partners stuff….

Maybe I’ve missed the whole point. XD


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