Luna: OC Experiments.

OC, or Original Characters, something i had never thought about doing before, never did i think about doing it, seen some friends do it though and they pulled it off so well! mine are  more of an experiment turned into a cosplay. It started off me playing with a few elven pieces i had a wig a circlet and some ears, which reminded me of a character i wrote in a story which led to cosplay.

About the character:

Saffron Warrior “daemon” From beyond the Wall that keeps the daemons from entering the pure realm to save humanity from what lurks beyond  raised by the daemons struggling onto life…

She however has a more kinder elvish appearance than the other creatures of the realm which i guess what makes this hard, how do you make and elvish figure look like a daemon?

Dagger: From concept to almost completion:

The starting point for me Was having a play about with her weapons i guess being the short fiery character she was daggers are the best weapon of choice next to a short-bow. So daggers it is! Of course all should start out with a sketch!

I wasn’t sure where this would lead but i liked the design somewhat crossed with the idea of Orrian and afflicted weapons in my head from GuildWars lots of growths and puss balls and generally daemonic appearances surely nothing could go wrong so Off to draw the base and Onwards!

After cutting it out I moulded 3D shapes onto it using air dry clay, just because its what i had to hand that was easily mould able.

I let it dry, sanded, and more sanded, and then papier mache (newspaper wallpaper paste with a blackish dye or paint in, as the black paint gives a great base for metalic colours.)

sand, sand and more sanding, more sanding, and then painting when i got fed up of sanding.

Now I do like the results. HOWEVER I am annoyed that the blade keeps bubbling, I’m not sure what I will do about this yet but I will figure a way am sure, something to the effect of cutting it back papier mache sanding more sanding and painting again. From here onwards i guess its just keep putting things together and see what happens, As is with most OC’s you have creative license so play until it feels right with you.


One thought on “Luna: OC Experiments.

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