Otakugirl: Ursula Make-up Tutorial!

Right, so for my next cosplay I am doing the Designer Disney version of Ursula from the little mermaid. So I thought I would share with you all how I did my makeup. You could use this for your own Ursula cosplay for a Convention or maybe just for halloween for a little bit of fun.

So here is list of what you’ll need:
– Mascara
– Eyeliner (I used both a pencil and a eyeliner pen)
– Lipliner and lipstick
– Bodypaint (for mine I used snazaroo water based face and body makeup in light grey)
– 1 black eyeshadow
– 1 purple eyeshadow (preferably bright as it will show up better on the makeup)
– Various makeup brushes for applying eyeshadow and sponges for bodypaint
– A bar of soap (I just used a small one i got from a hotel) and a grater
– Eyelashes of your choice depending on how large you want

1. First you’ll need to ‘block’ out your eyebrows so that you can cover them in bodypaint
and they wont show. There are two different ways of doing this, the soap method and the
glue method. As I am sensitive to a lot of different things i’m using the soap method.

So take your soap and using the grater, grate some into a bowl. Then add the tiniest bit
of water to this and using a soft paint brush mix it into a stodgy paste.

2. Next you want to paint the paste onto your eyebrows and wait for it to dry,
making sure you smooth all thehairs down. The idea is to create a film for the
makeup to cover. Depending on your eyebrow thickness, you may have to
repeat this step a few times.

3. Once your eyebrows are dry, using a sponge, begin to apply the body makeup
base coat. I like to do this by dabbing the makeup on as opposed to spreading it on.

4. Once the base is dry, go in again with the body makeup and make sure your whole
face is grey and well covered. When I do this I like to leave my eyelids makeup free so
I can apply my eyeshadow a little easier, but i guess this is personal preference.

5. Using my reference image I start to apply the purple to my eyes. As Ursula has larger
eyes I bring the purple right up to where my eyebrows are.

6. Then using the black eyeshadow I go around the edge of the purple and then use a fan
brush to blend into the purple

7. Then with my eyeliner I roughly draw on where I want my eyebrows. If you are not confident
about doing this yourself, you could always ask someone to do them for you. If you want instead
of eyeliner you could use a black body paint instead.

When you’re happy with them, go over the top again to thicken them up. I also used the eyeliner
to draw on her beauty spot. This is also the perfect time to get your false lashes on and apply
your awesome red lips. I went for quite a bright red lippy because I wanted it to stand out.

8. Using the purple eyeshadow that I used for my eyes I put a small amount on my cheeks and
then used a brush to blend it out into my face

Then add your wig to the look. If you dont want to use a wig you could always style your hair and
use a white hairspray to colour, but for mine I am wearing a wig.



Obviously on the day of the expo I will be using the bodypaint to cover my ears, neck, chest and back area and my arms.

Please make sure that before you attempt any kind of makeup look that you do an allergy test for ALL the products you use. Theres nothing worse than a huge allergic reaction!

And there you have it! My Ursula look!

I hope this helps some people or maybe inspires people to create looks of their own. And Ursula shall see all you poor unfortunate souls at the expo in London in May 😀


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