Luna: Cosplay Progress: Wigs and stuff

Last time I showed you my progress it was all about the Etwahl of Sona, i promised some update o how it was getting on, well i have just about completed it now but here are some pictures i took recently since the last ones:

The whole thing has been paper mache’d and electric boxes are complete the paint is all on, although needs touch ups in places, and what these photos don’t show, Is that i created a rub and buff look also along the front, which has turned out quite well, although. My original support idea to have it tied to my waist didn’t work as i couldn’t find a belt strong enough, so i have had to revert to the gold chain, but it looks just as good.

After 5 weeks of waiting my wig finally came. however i was not happy with how it looked. ok i had to cut and style it anyway but it took a fair few hours to untangle this mess. (tripods make good wig stands for long wigs)

My extensions on the other hand came 7 days after paying for them and they were awesome! well chuffed, they are just tie in ponytails but they have a hair grip on them too which is quite handy.

So after i de-tangled it all, with my wig brush carefully, I cut it to length (i hated doing this to such a soft wig but it needed to be done)

The only issue with cutting  is that it wanted to curl, after asking the person i got it off 100’s of times with no answer i went and done a heat resistant test. for those who dont know how to do it or know if their wig is heat resistant for styling, all i done was grabbed a pair of hair straighteners, turned then on until it was “touch hot” so hot enough but still cool enough i can touch it without burning myself. I tried it on a section of off cuts (if you don’t have off cuts you can do it on a piece of wig fibre that’s hidden just in case. and see how it goes. I was lucky enough to find out this one was heat resistant!  so straighten it i did, and added in the tie in ponytails, getting there but so much left to do!

Next step was to use the left over hair fibres i cut off to make wefts, there are many video tutorials on youtube on how to do this, its so simple and straight forward. i made a bit of a variation as i wont be adding them to the wig itself just in case i want to use the wig for something else later on.

I glued my wefts into the hair decorations! perfect i can remove them later then.  the only thing left to do was cat the blue with at the bottom of the ponytails at a slight angle about 2 inches Vertical to get a nice blend at the bottom between the yellow, and the blue! And i was done, so happy with how this wig has turned out, i love wigs, and believe it or not i love wigs more than props! I can’t wait to wear this now. the fabric details on the hair decorations were cut out using a soldering iron to stop them fraying.

Cannot wait to get this finished!

~ Luna


3 thoughts on “Luna: Cosplay Progress: Wigs and stuff

  1. do you have a full tutorial for this? I’m planning to do Sona too but I just can’t figure out how to add the yellow part and I think your idea with the yellow extensions for the wig is the best one I’ve seen so far >w< AND IT LOOKS THE BEST TOO :3

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