Pandora: Costume progress – Tentacles Revisited

At the end of my last update I had four foam tubes with notches cut into them, and some wire cable twists. Thankfully the twists were the perfect size to slide into the centre of the tubes.

Look at that! Perfect fit!

They were also about the right length too. All four went into the tubes with any excess left sticking out on the end that will attach to the costume.

Here you can see the wire through the notches. These have been cut in to allow the tube to flex at a sharper angle than it would be able to normally. As the tubes are to be covered in fabric, it doesn’t matter that the core is visible.

At this point, the “pokey” ends of the tentacles were flat and didn’t really look right. Fortunately I had some spare upholstery foam, and carved some small lumps into rough hemispheres. Again, they didn’t have to be perfect as the end of the fabric covering would keep them in shape.

Making the fabric covering was actually the easiest bit of all. I just made long tubes with a single seam, and sewed a rounded end (like you would with a glove’s finger). Turning the tubes right-side-out was a little trickier as they were about a metre long, and only a few centimetres in diameter, but that was nothing compared to the undignified way I had to tug them onto the tubes!

And this is the finished tentacle

The covering is made from lime-green stretch jersey which allows it to remain snug despite bending and posing of the individual tentacles. These will be slotted into sockets on the costume, with the excess cable twist used to anchor it.

The flexibility of the wire core allows them to bend out of the way if I bump into anyone (or anything), and spring back into shape. They also have a slight bobbing motion as I walk, making them look alive!

But if you want to see the finished ensemble, you’ll have to look out at London’s May MCM Expo! (Or find the link for my Cosplay Island profile “hidden” somewhere on this blog.)


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