Luna: London ComicCon ~ A weekend of Fun Frolics and Lots of Cosplay!

Where to start? London MCM Expo ComicCon was a 2 week trip for myself Staying in London and Doing Make-up tests on my partner playing games, having fun and generally getting ready for the big weekend ahead. but i have to say i mean it when i say it was one of the biggest bestest Events i have been to yet!

Thursday there was a great night out, we went into the centre of London and went to the Cartoon Museum followed by Namco Arcade where we met up with everyone for a night of games frolics and giant mugs. ITs hard to say exactly what happened here but it was a good laugh on all the arcade games, with friends and cosplayers alike.

Friday! CON DAY! Finally got to go to the hotel and check in, although most people already had the day before. Friday is a good casual cosplay day so there weren’t too many cosplays around that day. I love friday as i got to walk around in Elf ears and my long red wig and casual League Of Legends clothing to fit my Cosplay for the weekend. Its nice being able to walk around and buy things with no crowds around at all. The only things i bought however where my World Of Warcraft Battle of the Aspects raid deck, which i am loving ❤  of Course Friday is also a day for meeting up with people you havent seen since the last event. This a lot of happened, i usually miss a lot of people but i swear this time i barely missed no one, I even Met kitty cat Katarina from our League Of Legends group on Saturday.

Friday came and went with a blast, but it was only the start and we were already so tired!  But the JustCosplay Team look happy right? (well it was almost 11pm and we’d been having loads of talks and laughs up until i went “PHOTOS!!!!” (if you were following us on twitter you would have seen many crazy posts from us over the weekend)

From left to right: RyzyAsuka – Mithril – Pandora

Saturday arrived, Masquerade day, I had entered to participate into the EuroCosplay qualifiers, and the League Of Legends UK cosplay Meet. I was so nervous, I knew the crowds were larger on Saturday i knew i had tried my best with my cosplay but what if no one liked it? I made myself sick by thinking all these things, this resulted in me breaking number 2. of my own con rules make sure you eat and drink i didn’t eat all day and barely had anything to drink. This is really important no matter how much fun you are having.

We were barely out of the door when i bumped into one of the LOLUK cosplayers, a Gorgeous Ahri cosplayer, with her Boyfriend Cosplaying as Garen, These guys took the worry off my shoulders a bit they looked fantastic, and made me more excited about the meet later on. We walked on into the Convention Building, cosplayers all around, walking straight to the cosplay Desk to get signed up for the masquerade, but already disaster had made me worry somewhat more. The chain i had used for my Etwahl had snapped again! the fact i didn’t have time or the back strength to make the support i wanted annoyed me somewhat. As this chain was really not cutting it. I think repairs are now definitely in order, maybe a tutorial on how to make things float?)

During the Masquerade sign up i bumped into another really cute and pretty Sona and Ahri we sat chatting for a bit before we went our separate ways until Judging time.  We (my partner and i) went along to Manga UK’s stand to have our pictures taken by the amazing Paul Jacques.  I had mine taken but when my partner went to have his taken, it was a bit harder for him to pose in character. The sword we had made him we couldn’t take into the event, both of us were upset about this the time we’d taken to sort it, the fact i carried it to London along with my other props, but then rules are Rules and if there’s higher security for some reason abide by it at all times.  Judging came and went I really cannot remember the words that were exchanged but there was some nice people in the line up really friendly and i enjoyed talking about everyone’s Cosplays.

I met up with a great friend of mine who i hadn’t seen in Ages and i mean aaaaggeees! My Cosplay partner in Crime Silantre, This girl is amazing and i love her to bits a best friend indeed! i was sad she didn’t Cosplay during the weekend but she had her own reasons, Regardless it was great to hang out and have laughs with her again she took some pictures of us and even some amazingly Derpy ones of myself, During the League Of Legends meet.

The League Of legends meet went extremely well, something i hadn’t anticipated. Every group experience i had even had was really bad, people throwing insults my way, or being left out of group activites, no one wanting to tlak to me, it really put me off cosplaying in a group. Until i met this crazy lot! It shows that not all groups are bad.

We had loads of group photos taken, its a shame no one has come forward with any yet really (the ones away from the stairs). These guys were amazing Special shout outs to Evelynn, Ez, Garen, Draven, Zyra and Teemo, and well i guess Everyone because you guys rocked! (i am not getting emotional here i promise you *wipes away tear*) I have never met a more photogenic, crazy, random, Friendlier bunch than these guys ❤ I had my own Seperate shoot With Ez and Teemo too (and no we had no idea what we were doing half the time)

And a 5v5 shoot with our own Summoners! (Random spectators of our shoot were taken a back slightly when we asked them to do this.) me team : Draven, Garen, Teemo, Ahri, Sona

When this was all over and it started getting towards 3pm Myself, Silantre and my partner headed inside, it was time to queue up for the masquerade, I apologise to those who asked for my picture and I said “no” because of the crowds it was really hard to get to even the main stage and I was running late to line up to give you guys a Cosplay Show to remember! (or completely forget). If a cosplayer says no its usually for a reason, saying no doesnt mean take a quick sneaky picture behind their back, it means no, however you can always tell them where to find you later on for some pictures, i directed them mostly to watch the masquerade or outside to the League Of LEgends meet. Whether they came and watched i have no idea.

We were all given numbers and put into a sort of order before heading to the stage, we were running late, but that didn’t matter to us backstage we were having a good chat, I got given a chair however because i felt really dizzy, this was probably due to a lack of food over the last 3 days. Nerves kicked in about being in front of everyone again too by this point and I’ve never been as concerned as I had been this time.Whilst in the Queue waiting a panel with the Primeval cast was going on, I love primeval but unfortunately due to being backstage i couldn’t watch. But being backstage was the biggest advantage ever! I got to meet and speak to Jason Flemyng or more to the point he spoke to me and a smiled and repeatedly said “thank you!” as he complimented my costume and kept looking at me and saying “wow that’s really impressive, not something i expected to see when the elevator doors opened”  “just wow” my fan girl heart skipped several beats, he spoke and complimented me! me! an ordinary Cosplayer who’s not really known at all, with my average handiwork.

It wasn’t long before I started feeling Nervous again but Granny Gertrude came to the rescue and started talking about League Of Legends to me, the conversation completely took my mind off going on stage, before I knew it, it was my turn to go on. Now I had practised over and over what I was going to do, but with my chain breaking earlier that day I needed to change my plan, Improvise! I knew my music time to just go on and improvise the best I can. I was doing ok, or so I thought, apparently no one else in the audience noticed, but, my legs went dead, I couldn’t feel my legs at all which caused a panic attack when I went to get off stage and a brief black out I don’t remember much what happened but I remember being helped to a couch. and sitting there until the end of the masquerade being cheered up and offered water.

Thanks to a friend of mine (Tony Creator of TonyoTimes) here is a short video of myself on stage (hides)

I was happy to go back to the hotel that night and rest, or so I thought, outside the event I got talking to a load of people when the Razer UK team walked by and stopped to talk to me, they asked for some photos on their stand the next day, but I wasn’t going to be in sona cosplay. Really the decision was made by my friends, my Staff for my elementalist cosplay had snapped on the journey to the event (these things happen i didnt take a repair kit either), there was nothing for it! I’d be wearing sona 2 days running ( a first for me i must say) That night we went back to the hotel, laughs fun, good times and Giving Sona a bath with Sil

This was the first time i had ever washed a cosplay at an event, to be honest it was the first time I had ever needed to, I was glad I knew my fabrics wouldn’t run otherwise i would have not done it. it was so worth it though and yes it did dry by the next day after a booster dry from a hair drier in the hotel hanging over a chair near the air con all night. I wouldn’t have had to do it however if people just cleaned up after themselves, a lot has been raised about the issue MCM ComicCon goers are the messiest bunch of people I have ever known. the clean up costs are astronomical. I can understand if people accidently drop something but to drop stuff on purpose or to leave stuff lying around smashing glass bottles? Childish behaviour especially when there is MORE than enough bins throughout the event provided for everyones rubbish.

The last day had arrived and I could not WAIT! Saturday had been such a great day talking to people, but I didn’t get too much time around because of the Masquerade. Sunday was the day I stopped almost every 4 or 5 feet after having someone yell out “SONA!” or “YOURE MY FAV SUPPORT!”  I also even remember “USE YOUR ULTI ON ME I WANT TO DANCE!” lots of conversations about League happened, favourite supports, rolls played, best skins, that sort of thing, even builds and item sets came up in one conversation. Sona was probably the biggest success of a cosplay I have ever done to date. I am really pleased and proud everyone loved my cosplay as much as they did that day.

I had my picture taken with Razer which was really good, the photographer who took my picture had only just started playing League but he remembered the character, Just being asked to have my picture taken next to the Razer logo made me smile in itself being somewhat of a big razer fan and all.

I went off walking around the halls buying my Guildwars2 T-shirt and a figure of Rei from Evangelion which now proudly sits next to my monitor. But the image below from Twitter really really made me smile,  We went to watch some of the League Tournament and sit down for a bit, ended up talking to people and having my photo taken instead, though I did get a good insight to the game at the same time, those guys were good, just wish I could play better, practice makes perfect though right?

The day went on amazing until the event closed and we all got directed in the direction of the exit. I had a really good weekend and enjoyed myself and not felt like I’d missed out on anything at all like I normally do. Waiting outside of the event in the hallway my partner ran off to fetch our stuff, from our friends hotel room, I was happy chilling out talking to a friend who i am very thankful stayed, i hate being left on my own in cosplay it makes easy pickings for the few perverted men who cant wait to get their arms around you (I’ve had it happen a few times). anyway Whilst we were waiting i met a really really amazing photographer, now he’s not well known and unfortunately he doesn’t have  a page to link you guys too (that i know of) but the reason i give him these credits is because he came up to me and asked for a few photoshots, of course  looking around the area i was sitting in really wasn’t photo worthy, giving him the option of where we went outside by the riverside to take some shots, with the lovely MangaGirl Photography by my side.

I am still waiting for the editing to finish from the shoot( i have seen previews and i can assure you i am happy to wait!) , but i have a few my friend MangaGirl Photography took =D but i will wait until i have all the photos in before i show you and upload them to our gallery here at JustCosplay.

there is so much i left out, there really is. the amazing artists in the artists alley, the other cosplayers that made me awe in amazement, the epic evenings playing cards and hanging out with friends. and monday morning (because its so sad to say goodbye) but i think i shall leave this where it is, If you made it this far through my weekend banter then congrats! ahaha

Here’s to the next event in October! where things will apparently improve according to the event, and i have a very special guest.


MangaGirl Photography


MangaGirl Photography
Michael Power
League Of Legends Cosplay UK


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