Lets Question The Bloggers! #1

I thought it would be fun to randomly select Cosplay Questions we would usually get asked or ask others when it comes to cosplay, and ask them to our bloggers, so this week I asked a simple Question:

What’s the first step you always take when making a cosplay, and why?

Goldie Neko

My first step for starting out Cosplay is pretty much the same thing. Get me reference out via official art, screen shots fan art ect. Though admittedly if my heart and head is really in a project I’ll have drawn it in my sketch book during this first step as well.

Stubbled Grapes

Gather all the references I can find of different angles, including other people in cosplay if I particularly like what they’ve done or if there aren’t many normal references. Then search eBay for some of the more obscure items. Then, if I need a pattern I’ll decide which to use, else I’ll mass buy fabric to make sure I have enough for mistakes.


Trying to come up with an idea, and then talking about it with my Friends and Girlfriend to see if it would suit me or not.


My first step is to find and save as many pictures of the character as I can. Official art, screen shots, photos of toys/action-figures, photos of cosplayers dressed as that character, even fanart. I need to be able to answer questions like “Are those kneesocks, or high boots?” or “Is that a hair accessory or her ears?”


Trying to decide out of the hundreds of things i want to cosplay then once I have picked i usually make the accessories before the costume so I would be scouting out materials to make the prop for that costume


It’s always hard to decide what should come first, deciding on a cosplay or rummaging for references, but once i have decided References and tonnes of them and to make sure i stick to them all the time during creation, with references comes sketches, i dont think there’s a prop i haven’t yet drawn out before creating it!

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