Lady Bahamut: Bio

Hello! My name is Gemma but I go by the name of Lady Bahamut in the cosplay community. I come from the land of cider and combine harvesters, better known as Somerset! (Seriously, we don’t all own a combine harvester!)



I’ve been playing games all of my life, but I got into manga when one of my friends introduced me to the Cardcaptor Sakura manga in my last year of secondary school. I loved it and wanted to read more manga, my first series that I brought were .Hack and D.N.Angel, both of which I still own. I slowly started reading more CLAMP works and so started my love affair with them!

I only started cosplaying a few years later in 2008 when one of my other friends started cosplaying. I’d known it existed and always wanted to do it but never had the confidence to go for it since I suffer from social anxiety. But since my friend was doing it and Waterstone’s was having one of their ReCon nights I finally decided to give it a go! I’ve never looked back since! I went on to go to my first MCM Expo in May 2009, which was an amazing experience. I ran my first CLAMP group (and have done so every expo since!) and met some amazing people who have gone on to become my best friends.

My first cosplay was Syaoran (Fei-Wang Reed version) from Tsubasa. I truly hate it now, but at the time it was the best I could do. We’ve all gotta start somewhere right? I believe anyone can sew; you’ve just got to start off with small, easy projects and work your way up like I have. I try to do something new with each cosplay and so that way I’m always learning something new for the next costume!

I entered my first masquerade in May 2010 as Kimihiro Watanuki from xxxHolic as part of a group. It was the most terrifying and amazing thing I’ve ever done!  I’ve entered 4 masq’s in total now and just last May I won my first award with my Epilogue Syaoran cosplay along with my best friend. I must be a right pain to be backstage with as I’m a giant bag of nerves! I love being on stage though, just got to learn to keep my facial expressions in check…!

As for the future, well, I hope to enter Eurocosplay one day (and currently forming plans to enter the European Cosplay Gathering with a friend! Yikes!) and I’d just like to keep on improving and learning. I’d love to attempt one of my 2 dream cosplays some day!

My Cosplay Principles

  • Have fun!
  • You can cosplay whomever you like so long as YOU’RE comfortable with it.
  • Take your time. You’re less likely to make mistakes!


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