Luna: Keyblade Commission!

This october a friend of mine is coming over from Australia to visit and come to the October London MCM Expo, it is as far as i am aware his first event he’s been to and hes going to cosplay and join in the fun! his only issue is customs he cant bring his props over from Australia because of their strict rules and regulations on materials. this is a thing to always consider when cosplaying abroad. Not to mention Weight and luggage restrictions.

So as a favour to him I will be making his Keyblade for him, according to his requests, size, colours, which one precisely as a commission should be!

Which one am i doing? Im not a kingdon Hearts fan so dont know all the names ect but here you go this is the project given to me to do


I really am excited to be able to work on something different for a change. With our comicCon rules and regulations for props been changed this will also be a harsh challenge to make something thats decent and yet fits in with everyones needs. Hopefully i will be live streaming if not recording a video of some of the progress on this for you all to see!


2 thoughts on “Luna: Keyblade Commission!

    • As much as I would love to say yes, The cost for you would be staggering, Since i am in the UK and you are in America. Postage alone would be more than it would cost to make the Keyblade itself maybe i could get a blog up for you about different methods to making props? Or see if i can find a commissioner closer to you?

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