Question The Bloggers #2

Our bloggers seem to enjoy these as much as people seem to read them so we shall continue the questioning of the blog team!

Do you have any favourite material you like to use, what is it and why do you love this and not alternatives?


I like using cotton and cotton drill as it’s quite easy to work with, doesn’t fray horribly and come in many colours. I use cotton for a lighter costume and when I need to move freely and cotton drill when I need the firmness and the weight of it like for a pleated skirt.


I have a few materials I like to use depending on the job, Expanding foam, Acrylic plastic sheets, Wonderflex and a really heavy cotton (which I don’t actually know the name of because i’m not good with fabric names) the acrylic sheets are great for things you want to make a large see-through surface and really don’t want to fork out the cash or wait for drying time with Resin.  Wonderflex isn’t cheap but its strong and durable, compared to Worbla it does have a really strong backing structure which means ideally you can use it solo, some people reckon you cant use the scraps and this isn’t true, just peel the backing off and you have a strong moldable material just the same, I’ve used both hot water and a hair drier its great stuff!  the last the Heavy cotton, is mainly because of the way it flows, its great for cloth armour like my Aion Cosplay its thicker than most too, and if you look around you can probably find some for mega cheap if you try, and you can dye it.

Goldie Neko

May absolute favourite thing to work with… Well I don’t really have a favourite but the most common thing I use is Camping matts. A cheap alternative to craft foam and so wonderfully diverse in its application. I do used plasterzote for larger pieces but camping matts seem a lot easier for me to shape, cut, manipulate and glues together very nicely with a bit of contact adhesive. I’ve used it to make armour, staff and weapon detailing, hats and I’ve even used it as a base layer for my most recent project the chocobo rider!


My favourite material to work with is cardboard. It’s abundantly plentiful in all shapes, sizes, thicknesses and weights. It’s easy to work with and can take a variety of finishes. With the right supports it can be amazingly resilient. It is easy to repair, and to make good a botched job. And all that is before you get into the realms of pepakura! If I could find a way to make dresses out of cardboard, I’d swear off fabric for good!

Stubbled Grapes

Various types of cotton, simply because they’re easy to find, fairly cheap and available in lots of colours. I mean, I love the look of satin, but obviously that’s a tricky one due to cost and creases =p

Tari Telrunya

Glacier fleece! for plushies it is the same texture both sides so if it gets flipped accidently it doesnt look all nasty on the other side

Lady Bahamut

Cotton Drill! I literally use it for everything. It’s not thin (and potentially see-through) like cotton is and so it’s thicker, sturdier and more durable. Also, because it’s thicker it doesn’t need lining, which is always a bonus if you want to be lazy!


Hmm like 95% of my cosplays are made of cotton or polycotton and i love to use it because it comes in such a range of colours, so no matter what i can always find the colour i want and if not its easy to dye


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