Luna: EuroCosplay Gathering 2013 Winners


Group: Monster Hunter 4 – France: Shoko and Jeromeérôme-Cosplay

Solo: Brunhilde –  Poland: Shappi

Many a cosplayer I watch took part in ECG this year, it was really hard to just cheer on one, Though my favourite was team Paraluna Cosplay Mostly because i was touched by their amazing perception of Caithe And Faolin, but you really have to be a big Guildwars nut to understand i guess? The story was really a hard one to capture and they captured it well. here’s their performance and some photos of their amazing costumes.

Despite not winning these girls done an amazing job as did all the participants!

The winners though I think you agree really did deserve to win. group category winners shoko and Jerome, representing France, pulled off an amazing performance, although their costumes bulky, they seemed to move around easily the stage in a very well rehearsed performance. (remember practice makes perfect, and they definatly done that!). Here is a video of their performance!

the Solo winner is a name that is Echoing through the Polish Cosplay Community at the moment, as she has recently picked up many prizes for her cosplay efforts! And we shouldn’t be surprised. Shappi is an amazing Cosplayer, with all sorts of skills. I’ve been watching her since her page first appeared when she took part in the First EuroCosplay Qualifiers in London, Since then she has grown so much, and shows if you put your heart into it, you will improve and can achieve anything!

I really enjoyed following ECG this year and i hope it continues with great promise into the years to come. Just to finish off heres a Cosplay Music video containing all of the ECG finalists from around Europe!


2 thoughts on “Luna: EuroCosplay Gathering 2013 Winners

  1. Thank you so much for the support. It really means a lot to us that you liked our Caithe and Faolain cosplays! :’D Also great blog you have here. ❤

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