INTERVIEW: The Blue Girl : Cosplay and Make-up Artist


Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself for those who don’t follow or know you ?

Sure! My name is Lexi, I’m 22 and from South Devon in England, just finished a degree in Media Arts and I’ve got a course starting next year that’ll hopefully kick-start my dream career in special effects make-up!

What got you into Cosplay? And how long have you been doing it?

My friends got me into it just by telling me about it. I was hooked from the start and I’ve been cosplaying since my first convention at London Expo May 2010 and I haven’t missed a London Expo since!

You specialise in Special effects and more unique styles of Cosplay than those we see a lot of, What attracted you to this? Have you ever had or wanted special schooling for it?

Well I’d never even touched make-up or even face paint before starting cosplay, and I just picked up a brush and went, and my friends were convinced I’d had previous practice before. When they realised it was my first time trying, they insisted I’d be a natural if I honed it and made into a career. And in that moment, it was “LIIIIIGHT BUUULB” (Despicable Me reference for the win )

That’s why I’m paying a ridiculous amount of money to be schooled at Neil Gorton Studios next year. You only have to watch Doctor Who to gage just what an incredible genius he is.

What is your Favourite, Cosplay you’ve done so far and why?

Neytiri has been my favourite from the word go. She’s my very first cosplay and she is the one I always have the most fun with cause I can sink into her character and really define what it means to cosPLAY. I prowl about conventions, I climb up things and do obnoxious battle cries and I hiss and growl at the cameras, she is so much fun to do. Plus Avatar is easily my favourite film, I even worked it into one of my University essays!

We have to ask, how many feathers did it take you to do your Tooth Fairy Cosplay? It must have taken you ages!

Haha actually she was just a couple of week’s work but when I say a couple of weeks, I mean not moving from my sewing dummy except to eat and sleep, I lived and breathed feathers and nylon thread. She cost me a hefty bit, about £200 altogether, and as for the amount of feathers, I have no clue, I bought them in metres on ribbons and I must’ve purchased 200 metres, and there was about 8 feathers to a foot, so try and do the math on that one!

You’ve been in the media a few times for your costumes including the Neo Cosplay Idol alongside myself, It has recently been a big conversation point amongst cosplayers that we shouldn’t be in the media. What’s your views on Cosplay in the media?

Has it?! This is news to me, and to be honest my first reaction to people saying cosplay shouldn’t be in the media is… why? o_O Why on earth not? So much brain-destroying crap is published in the media these days, people hunger for all sorts of pure trash such as Paris Hilton in a sex video or who is that-kid-from-One-Direction’s next girlfriend speculation. Cosplay is not only an art form, its a hobby that means the world to geeks, artists and most importantly introverts all over the world. Cosplay is a way of helping people feel liberated for being passionate about what they love. It needs to be way more publicized and needs much more awareness especially in the UK. Anyone who thinks cosplay shouldn’t be in the media when there’s stuff in the media that I’m pretty sure rots brains faster than cola rots teeth… well I don’t need to finish that!

Your Cosplay make-up is stunning! How do you stop your body paint rubbing off during the day and heat?

Thank you thank you >w< I use pigment powders for paint jobs, paint just cracks and rubs off within seconds, but if you use paint as a base and then a strong pigment powder, it doesn’t rub off at all. However perspiration is a problem I can’t avoid all too well, I just have to stay indoors on a hot day, but given the fact that I live in the UK, this is very rarely a problem XD

Do you use the same techniques for stage too? Or do you adjust your make-up for stage performances?

If I’m going on the cosplay stage at the cons, I’ll normally replenish and make it extra bold, but I use the same techniques nonetheless

How do you fix it so that your body paint is everywhere? Do you just wear underwear or an entire underwear set? Does someone help you put the body paint on or are you just that flexible?

Haha, I’m pretty flexible, the only part of my body I physically cannot reach is the top part of my back. Then I need a hand with that, which I normally stringently direct them cause I have OCD when it comes to getting the coverage right! As for underwear, I have to wear very immodest underwear to avoid pant lines if that’s too much info! Apart from that, I avoid wearing extra layers under my bodysuits cause it gets very hot when wearing spandex! Which is pretty much every one of my cosplays… Spandex, spandex, everything, spandex…

Do you have any Future costume ideas? Or a Dream Cosplay you would love to do in the up coming conventions?

I have plenty of ideas, but I like finding a cosplay that causes another lightbulb moment for me, cause then the passion is there to drive me I do have a dream cosplay though, it would require me to be very competent in special effects make-up though. I’d absolutely love to pull off Madame Vastra from Doctor Who, that would be an absolute dream.

Do you have any advice for anyone else trying to get into Cosplay or wanting to start making their own?

Dive in headfirst in the deep end! That’s exactly what I did, find a character you absolutely love, don’t be scared and seize it with both hands. Let passion take you and go nuts There are no limits or boundaries when it comes to cosplay

Finally do you have any shout outs you would like to do anyone special to give a mention?

I’ll shout out to my best friends whom I owe so much for bringing me into this cosplay world, I love you Biba, Kia and Tashi, you gave me confidence I never thought I’d ever have again

Go check out my page please guys, its only a budding page and I’m so grateful for any support

You can Give her page a like here: Go show her your support!! And Thank you again Lexi for the interview!


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