Luna: Sona Cosplay Wig Tutorial!

As a request i was asked to write a more detailed description of how i made my sona wig, to be honest there wasn’t much to it at all so i really hope what i write in this short tutorial will help all those who want to achieve a similar gradient look regardless of the character and hair style, without the need for dying your wigs with sharpies or ink risking the colour mixing and not getting the look you wanted in our case Sona’s yellow ponytail tips going green.

To start off with I bought a simple “miku” styled wig with detachable ponytails, I also made sure it was a lot longer than a normal wig i think this was 100cm long!  Unfortunately when it came it was tangled and a mess.  This was however and is easy to solve, Just start brushing from the bottom of the wig and work your way up to the wig cap! this solves a lot of issues with Frizzing and fraying and tearing the wig.

The second part of the process involved two tie in ponytails, that’s exactly what I searched.  these tie in ponytails are perfect because you can use the wig multiple time for different costumes and still be able to remove and put the yellow back in.

Once brushed its Ready to start! this is the full length wig without styling.

I measured the length of my yellow tie in ponytails and cut the wig so it was 1-2 inches shorter than them. this seems like a waste but don’t worry it’s not, dont throw away the cut off’s you will need them! This was not a heat resistant wig, however the bottom curled up, straightening was required. I tested my straighteners on a spare piece of cut off first to see what heat i could get away with. a low heat “touch hot” for me was the best way to go. If you are using straighteners remember to test it first and do a little bit at a time for the best results.

Once Straightened i opened up the ponytail clip and tied between the blue wig fibres the yellow ponytails. They have a clip on them so I just pushed the clip in the netting at the base of the ponytails to hold it in place whilst i tied it in place. I followed up by cutting and trimming upwards into the blue to give a faded blended look rather than an immediate colour change.

When I tried on the wig, I felt it didn’t have Sona’s poofiness, and you could see the joins of yellow at the top. Remember those cut off’s from earlier? this is where they come in!

Time to make Wefts! Although i don’t entirely advise you make them how i did but i felt this was the best method for myself. there are many many many tutorials online on how to make wefts, find one that suits you best and use that.

I used some cut off’s of fabric from my Sona Cosplay dress.  I made a straight piece rolled it up like i would a hem.

Once I done this I laid the wig fibres on top and fed it through the sewing machine.  I trimmed this straight afterwards. Keep adding wig fibres bit by bit until you are happy with your weft thickness, I made mine really thick only because I did not add them into the wig itself but i added mine to Sona’s Hair pieces, gluing them on the inside so again i could remove them for easier transportation, and so i could use the base wig again if needed.

Then i clipped it all together  styled the bangs, and hey presto one sona wig i was chuffed with. I always find that you should play on peoples tutorials so if you find something that you found worked a little better leave a comment below.

I really hope this helped those who wish to make their own gradient wig without the use of dyes.

4 thoughts on “Luna: Sona Cosplay Wig Tutorial!

  1. I’m looking to cosplay as Arcade Sona, and I’d like to do the same technique for the wig. Can you recommend any extensions? This is the first time I’ve manipulated a wig, so any details would be appreciated 🙂

    • I used “tie in ponytails” Wigs you tie into your hair/ponytails , You can use all kinds of extensions they’re all effective or you can even make or buy wefts to add in also which is just as effective! Depending where you live you can get some on Ebay which is where i got my yellow ones, also coscraft and Arda wigs do wefts and extensions complete with tutorials (better than my explination) on how to do it. 🙂

  2. Hi, I have to attend a cosplay party in a coming month…I would like to look different..So will you please suggest me some different hair styles for a cosplay wig which will give me a better look in a party…Thanks for sharing the post with us…

    • Would love to give you some ideas, however Cant really suggest anything Without photos of any sort. Maybe Look at some of your past cosplays And see what colour looks best on you and go from there?

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