Question the Bloggers #3

Our bloggers were asked: What is your Dream cosplay, and how would you go about making it if you didn’t have a budget to worry about? And how would you go about it if you did have a budget to worry about ?!

These were their replies:


Origami Cyclone from Tiger and Bunny, unfortunately I haven’t got the foggiest on how to tackle it, probably craft foam covered in fabric. Oh and some crazy woodworking skills to do those getas, I will probably spend a whole month learning how to walk in those


Mine would be Danielle de Barbarac’s ball gown from the film ever after. This dress has so MUCH bead work on it and those wings are so pretty. If i had an unlimited amount of money i’d be looking at crystals and vintage beads and such to sew onto the thing and i would buy myself some really fancy lace and try to do one of my fav films justice


The classic Dino Megazord from Power Rangers is my ultimate cosplay dream. If I had an unlimited budget (money and time) it would probably involve carving foam padding and covering with latex (like LARP props) for the bulk, and thermoplastic for the helmet and details. On a tight budget it would be cardboard boxes, chicken wire, and paper mache.


My Dream Cosplay, I have so many i would love to do, but that’s a cosplayer all over right?  I think the one I would really love to do though is the Tempest Spirit from Aion: The tower of eternity. I’ve had this on my to do list for a long while.  If i had no budget to stick to I think i would go for a mix of Wonderflex, worbla and polymorph to get the right effects i want, with Acrylic plastic to make the see through pieces the shoes would be hard but I’ve seen people make something similar recently which i would probably follow.

Tari Telrunya

One of the many I would love to do but one of the hardest  getting accurate fabric is not always cheap so if i had the money I would search out the perfect fabric trim etc

Lady Bahamut

My dream cosplay has always been The Prince from Suikoden V. However, I have no idea how I would go about it! Or to be more accurate: I wouldn’t know what to make that brown belt… thing around his waist out of, nor would I know how to do all of the detailing on it and the top/vest above it. I just don’t know enough techniques yet but one day, I will!  What I do know though: it isn’t a cosplay that can be done on the cheap! Nor would I ever do so, it is my dream cosplay after all 


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