– Free Wig Cap! –

My skirt and wig for my Fuu Cosplay, from Magic Knight Rayearth, arrived last week! Including a free wig cap! The EBay gods have blessed me with a generous seller!

However the preparations for Fuu have made me realised I am very nearly finished with my convention count for 2013! Dear sweet lord where did 2013 go!? Well it started off with MCM for me in May, where I debuted my first couples Cosplay with my boyfriend Craig. He was Fix It Felix and I was Calhoun from Wreck It Ralph! He still goes into a rant whenever we mention his hammer because we used a cheap pound land hammer and painted it gold, security confiscated it on the last day of Expo. I also wore my Jolly Holiday dress for Mary Poppins as well, if it wasn’t for the fact the shoes hurt like hell I might consider bringing it out again soon but depends on if I want to put my feet through that torture again or not. I don’t wear nice shoes often, I prefer boots, when I do my feet pay the price in blood and blisters.

With that lovely mental image we move onto the first of two events I showed my Chocobo Rider Cosplay (affectionately referred to as Chobi) at. Six months of work and his debuted at Hyper Japan to humbling popularity! I could barely move away from the Cosplay desk without having people comment on how cute he was or asking for Photos. Needless to say I was on cloud nine, so happy that so many people enjoyed Chobi and my six months of work was worth it. Sadly the poor little guy hadn’t been test worn before the event and I hadn’t counted on how humid it would be that day. The adhesive I had used on a majority of this cosplay just wasn’t just to scratch and much to my horror it fell apart on stage. I tried my best to improvise it into the performance but off stage I was so down heartened by it, I can’t really describe just how hard that hit me. But with so many people supporting me and urging me on I fixed Chobi up and set my sights on Ayacon.

Waiting to go on stage at Ayacon!

Ayacon the most recent con I’ve been too (and I still have the bruises on my legs from it!). My goal for Aya was to get Chobi up on that stage and ensure he put up a good performance and came off in one piece! Though I was stupid and wore the prosthetic the whole day long for the moogle astride Chobi. I’VE NEVER HAD SUCH AN ITCHY NOSE IN ALL OF MY LIFE! Needless to say the very first thing I did after stepping back stage after my performance in the masquerade was tear that blasted thing off! Though I am quite happy with how it came out considering I hadn’t really done facial prosthetics before.

It’s been an odd year thus far kiddies! But considering that this time last year I wasn’t really challenging myself Cosplay wise and my personal life felt dead as the dodo this year has most certainly been so much better! Even if I do have to served the muggles on a daily basis when I’d much rather be in my garage messing around with Expanding foam getting Fuus Sword ready for Expo.

… Wait I’ve already started doing that haven’t I? WHOOPS!

It may take me a while to sift through all the progress pictures I have but I’m going to try and get as many stories on the progress of my past projects so hopefully the methods I’ve used may help you out in furture or perhaps you dear reader have some tips that I should take heed of. Who knows! That’s the marvellous thing about the Cosplay Community and the Just Cosplay Blog, we’re there to support one another and learn new things together as we press on in the name of Cosplay!


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