FRIDAY FEATURE: Missyeru and 4 Itchy Tasty!

There are some reasons I am featuring this amazing cosplayer other than her skills. along side this amazing group of cosplayers 4 Itchy Tasty! they are amazing in skill, and have amazing hearts! They are what the cosplay community is all about, people like these guys and girls.

The other day they had a 5 hour long live stream of them playing League Of Legends to raise money for Aieron (quite a well known League Of Legends player) why? He asked on Reddit for someone to help him to make a Corki Cosplay for Worlds as he is unable to make it himself due to his disability.  The catch was, it had to be made in LA, and he had no money to put towards making it. so These amazing cosplayers stepped forward to help raise $2,116.00!!!!! AND they’re going to be making his cosplay for him and getting it to Worlds for him, how amazing is that? I swear we need more cosplayers like this in the community. They support share love other cosplayers sharing their work as much as their own, they work together to make costumes too.  Please go and support them by liking their pages and leaving them comments, these guys really do deserve every like they get.

4 Itchy Tasty! :
Missyeru :

Here is some of their cosplays!! The bit you’ve been waiting for:

Again go check their pages for more and more cosplays from all of them!!


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