The Road to the House of Ballads

So for the upcoming MCM expo at the end of October which is in 2 days now I decided to do the House of Ballads armour set from the game Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning the problem is I did something real stupid by leaving it
until the last minute really and I’ve literally only just finished it today (Wednesday). I like it but I wish I had started it a lot earlier and then maybe it would be up to the standard i wanted it up to. But anyway, I thought I would share with you a little of the build up to the finishing and give a little preview at the end 🙂

So the first thing I had to do was find some reference which was really hard. I could only find 2 pictures of this set, one of the female which was only a front on view and the male set which was the back and front views. This was problematic as they didnt show the side views, so onto my ps3 i went and loaded up the game so that I could take lots of pictures of all the different angles. So below is basically what I was hoping to end up with or something close to it lol

The cosplay started life as a pair of curtains that my mum had laying around so I tore out the lining and started to make the base of the robes. For this I used a coat pattern and modded it to be what I needed. I also cut a long strip of the green which later became the second collar. To the base robes I added 2 strips up the front and then came the not so fun part. I had to paint all the details on by hand, first all of the gold went onto the robes which took forever, then I painted all the leafy parts on to the robes. I got a yellowish gold table runner
from the charity shop which I cut up and made into the base collar, which i trimmed with a dark green ribbon and painted yet more gold detail onto.
I used the last of the table runner to make the cape, which i cut to shape and made a shield shape out of the green fabric remains and painted the House of Ballads crest onto it. I trimmed the belt with a little bit of craft foam here and there to make it more like the reference pictures. So below is what I had basically ended up with about half way through my build.

I had never used craft foam before so I wasn’t expecting my cosplay to look all that great lol but I used more craft foam to make the gauntlets which i secured to a fabric wristband so that i could undo and redo them really easy and the craft foam on the boots I just sewed on. Again I wish I had left myself a little bit more time to make it into what i really had in mind, but I do like the end result, its not too bad really. I can always redo the armour bits when I re-wear the cosplay.

So i had finally finished the robes and the armour bits, but I wanted a weapon set to go with it. Now I couldn’t go for this particular hammer I was eyeing up as I would have been thrown out of expo for it lol so I went with my favourite weapon the Chakrams. So I grabbed my Captain America shield and drew around it so I had a nice big circle onto a cardboard box, from that I drew the blade parts on and cut it out and I did this twice. I used paper mache over the cardboard bases to smooth them out and I sprayed them silver. For the handles I wanted to use leather, but the real stuff is expensive so I went to the charity shop and I bought 2 really wide belts. Unfortunately I couldn’t get 2 that were exactly the same colour but I kind of like the different colours in them. I cut the two belts in half and in half again so that I was left with several strips of fake leather, I wrapped them around the handle parts and glued them on with my hot glue gun in the pattern that I needed. Using craft foam I cut out the fancy parts that were on the blades, sprayed them gold and glued them in place and using a green paint I coloured the middles of the craft foam parts.

My character has nice bright red hair and this time I decided to just re dye mine instead of using a wig, and she also has a tattoo on her face, which wasn’t fun to put on as I had to draw it on myself in the mirror so it was all backwards and squiggly but I think the end result is ok. The only thing left to do after all this was team the cosplay with my brown leggings bought especially and it was finally done!! I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t actually believe that I would get it done in time. But even though the end result could have been better I am pretty happy with it and I hope everyone else likes it.

Hope to see all of you at the expo at the excel in a couple of days and I hope you all enjoy it ^_^ ~ Otakugirl


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