Luna: Fenrir – Keyblade Commission start to finish.

Following an earlier post made by myself , I posted about a commission I made, well here it is the full final thing complete with work in progress pictures. This was the first fully wooden prop I had made all of it was had carved no power tools were used. You can see the Video In our “live stream” section on how the Charm was made for the end of the blade. It was made from Fimo, Which was still flexible enough so it didn’t smash when waved about/dropped/ hit the blade itself.

The Blade itself was made from Solid pine. Cost? £0 It was made from an old bed slat When i got a new bed, Recycling is the best way to go at all times! It took ages to Saw out, but it was worth it. The handle was made from an old broom handle i had used on an old art project which I dismantled as I didn’t want it any more.

You can see the tiny hand chisels I used.

Painted with poster paints and acrylics. The handles attached with a proper grove system nails and wood glue.

here it is on my lap During the event with other members of the Just Cosplay team and friends of the team.

Any construction processes if you wish for them to be explained leave a comment below and I will get back to you asap!


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