Random Updates – Future cosplays, Secret Cosplays, Birmingham MCM

So this will be a bit of a random post talking about a lot of stuff.

My hand stamp from Sunday 😀

First, I went to the Birmingham MCM on Sunday the 24th of November. It was the first time I had been. I went with a crossplayer friend of mine and we both had a blast. I enjoyed this MCM a lot more than I did the Midlands one. Had a lot of stalls and things to do so I was quite content. Although I was a little sad as a cosplayer, to see not a lot of cosplayers around. I wore my Battle Royale cosplay which went down ok with the people there and my friend went as Shinku from Rozen Maiden. My day started off with freezing my butt off in one of the NEC’s many carparks and then walking to the halls in my skirt, sooooooo cold 😛 and when i got there my friend had realised that he forgot the camera. Sooooo in the end we didn’t end uo taking any pictures which made me kinda sad but there was no way i was walking back to the car in the freezing cold to get it. But all in all a good day.

I have already planned out my cosplays for next year for the May MCM, the October MCM and CamCon, 2 per event. I decided to cosplay Catherine Willows from Crime Scene Investigation: Vegas, and my secret big cosplay for the May MCM. I will be talking a little about the secret one a little further down the entry.

Then for the October MCM on the Saturday I will be cosplaying Meryl Silverburg from MGS4 and a Ariel cosplay, a Park dress from the Dreams come true parade. And for CamCom in Cambridge I will be doing my own design Lolita cosplay which is cutesy and fun and should be a laugh as myself am not all that cutesy 😛

All of these I have started so hoping they will all turn out good. Sooo as for my Big secret cosplay project that I have started I have decided that tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be posting a blog about what it is, why I have decided to do it etc and have progress pictures of what I have done so far on it. I will then after be posting progress blogs about it every 28 days or so until its finished. As its such a big undertaking for me I will have a lot to say about it hopefully. I am hoping that generally everyone will enjoy it at the expo and that my original idea will come to life as I had imagined. I hope that people who follow the blog will enjoy reading about it and seeing it come together slowly lol! This thing is huge and time consuming and at the end of it all i hope to have a video too of the WHOLE thing being put together.

Thats pretty much all i wanted to say, Look out for my post tomorrow about the big secret that will be one no more lol and I hope everyone has a good run up to Christmas

~ Otakugirl :3


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