Big May Cosplay Reveal, and the start of diary series…

So for my Sunday cosplay at the MCM expo in May London, I decided to an orignal creation. A lot of thought when into this idea and I am hoping it turns out how i want and that people who see it enjoy it. So heres a little bit about it and this post will serve as the the first diary type entry and then there should be another in 28 days or so and this will continue until its complete.

I was watching Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo, and i absolutely love love love all of the studio ghibli movies so the thought about doing a cosplay from the movies made me smile so much. But the problem was since I love them all soo very much I wouldn’t be able to do just one character. So my mind then turned to my artsy side, my brain was going at a million miles an hour. ‘I can draw’ I know this brain, so why not try doing something with my drawing skills. So my idea for this cosplay is as follows. I planned on doing a plain white gown and then use the whole thing as a canvas for a HUGE painting with all the studio ghibli movie characters i could cram on it. It will also have a hat which i will reveal later on in this series of entries about it. The whole thing will be hand drawn and hand painted so wish me luck!! So i started it by doing a butt load of research on all the theatrical releases from studio ghibli so far, and from that list i took at least 2 characters from each movie. Then i divided the dress up into sections, I figured with this dress i would do a landscape and intergrate everyone into it as i went. So starting at the bottom of the dress I’m doing ocean, then the land, then the sky right at the top of the dress where the bust and straps are. This thing is going to take a lot of drawing and a lot of paint lol but hopefully when its done it will be one big masterpiece.

So i actually started making the base dress in November, putting together the plain white dress was pretty easy, in fact it only took me 2 hours πŸ˜›

Then I thought right, lets start at the bottom and work my way up. So i started to draw all the ocean parts on. This part became mostly Ponyo related as nothing else seemed fitting. It took me days to draw all the components on for the ocean. I dont have any pics of the drawings from the ocean as my camera couldn’t pick up the pencil, but there is record of it on my video which is a work in progress. Once i had finished all the pencil drawings it was time to paint. I havent done much of this as the whole thing is sooooo time consuming lol and what with it being nearly xmas but I started painting the goddess of mercy (ponyo’s mother) onto the dress, which i actually managed to finish, well the outline anyway.

Me painting in progress :3

Goddess of Mercy outline completely finished

So the next thing for me to do is move onto the next panel and paint Ponyo and Sosuke and about a MILLION sea creatures under the ocean!

I also started painted a fan, because i know from experience that i will be boiling and I will sweat like a pig. So i got a fan off my sister that she wasnt using anymore and i started to paint it. I figured again it would have to be something studio ghibli related so i picked no face.

The fan before……….

the almost finished fan, i need to give it more coats of paint

I kind of think i am crazy for doing this as its so big, its going to take soooo long but i keep telling myself that in the end it will be worth it and i will be in love with it, although………….. I’m already sooo in love with it :3

This project is my tribute to Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki and his team for bringing me many many hours of entertainment, making me smile and picking me up when i felt like crying. I hope if you follow me on the blog with this project to the end that you will come say hi at the expo and see if you can find your favourite studio ghibli creation on the dress ~ Otakugirl πŸ˜›


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