Luna: Cosplay Weddings and Proposals.

Most Cosplayers would of heard of cosplay weddings, some even dreamed of them, but what about actually doing them? This post is inspired by the lovely Lightening Cosplays proposal at Blizzcon this weekend just gone, A dream come true when her Boyfriend got down on one knee during the Blizzcon Cosplay competition and asked her to marry him.

This Iconic image has already spread across the internet!

Some people say if you are a female cosplayer you shouldn’t publicly advertise you are in a relationship as you lose followers. I think this is wrong, why would it matter anyway? You gain followers if anything for more of the right reasons than just “boobs!” and “Dat ass!” It’s much better publicity.

So What about after the proposals, the actual weddings? well I’ve seen some really amazing ones, From all over the world, Japan, Gernsey, Russia even, and of course America. Here are a few that I really love and stand out.

The first a recent wedding from Taiwan!  World Of Warcraft Style. Craig as King Varien Wrynn, and Zoe as Tyrande Whisperwind. The Costumes and props were all made for them by other cosplayers EMI Cosplay and CSP Milton. The photos were taken during their first part (engagement day) of their 2 part Taiwanese wedding.

Not enough for you yet? don’t worry, If MMORPG’s aren’t your thing how about some Disney? No kidding, I’ve seen a lot of Disney themed weddings when looking up this subject, some of them are really well planned out. How about this lovely Couple from Gernsey? Shrek theme was a shock for me to find amongst all the other princes and princesses but they look great and really happy and looked like a great day full of fun to me!

Here are some more Disney inspired weddings, The little Mermaid, where the whole wedding even the table decorations were kept to theme.

When I say these are only a few photos, I am not kidding, you can check out the rest for yourselves including the bridesmaids and grooms men’s villains outfits on her blog here There are some amazing inspiring photos. Still not convinced that cosplay weddings can be some of the most fun things to do? I have more! How about Tangled? Rapunzel and Flynn two fairy tale characters, that I definitely have grown to love, these two portrayed them well in their wedding photos.

“My step-mom and aunt picked out a bouquet of calla lilies for me. When shopping for stem flowers for my bridesmaids, I found the perfect lily that looked just like the golden flower from Tangled. I thought it would be a great touch to go with my Rapunzel wedding dress, so I added it in. It ended up becoming our official wedding flower.”

 All of the lovely amazing photos and dresses and costumes Its really hard not to spam you lots and lots with all of the epictures. but here is some more, of an Aladdin themed wedding.

Hope you enjoyed and if you’re having a cosplay wedding you’ve got some great inspiration.


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