Merida Bow Project

This is my project of the bow used by Merida in Brave, inspired by/using the method of Arms, Armor and Awesome

001 (2)

This is the first photo I have for this project in this post, though the pieces depicted here were cut from one single board back to back on each other to save wood.  then some added bits were put on either sides of the pieces toward the middle for bulking out the shape a bit.  The pieces were added with wood glue, and some end bits glued back on after small accident lol.

002 (2)

This one gives you a close up of how the base of the bow halves was constructed, not pretty here but it will be sanded back later.


This shot shows how it was held on the table (my dad lent me all the tools, he does woodworking). I had initially tried using the file pictured above but it was miles too hard to do so dad gave me this drill that had attachment for sanding.  Not to exciting here just a lot and I mean a lot of sanding around the edges and readjusting to get the sides all sanded to the round shape of merida’s bow (let’s just say there was a fair bit of staring at the shape).

005 004 003 002 012 011 010

These photos show the bow in progress and some before after comparison to give an idea of the amount of shaping/sanding.  After the main sanding was done I had to do the fine tuning shaping with regular sandpaper and block method.

006 008 007 009

These are the shaped shots before the pretty work begins 🙂


The design here was off a pattern on deviant art ( that I free handed onto the bow directly with pencil, then painted with white acrylic paint and the pencil gone over in brown felt tip pen.

003 002 001 004

The ends of the bow were painted in brown paint. The medallion and stones were shaped and baked from sculpey clay.  They were then painted in acrylic paints and glued to the bow, I found the glue showed a bit badly on the back of the medalion so I used a gold paint pen to hide the glue a bit 😉 The stones were also held on and secured a bit with the leather cord.  The middle part of the bow was covered in strips of fake leather vinyl and glued on. The edges painted in red and green with small bits of gold cord glued on. The string was stained in tea.  I had to wait untill just before Dragon con for dad’s help in evening out the join on the middle of the bow, then holes were drilled for a screw that was glued in place so the bow can be taken apart in the middle for packing in a box/suitcase.


This is a brilliant photo of the finished cosplay taken by Blue Light Photography (I made the dress, underdress myself, the bows from dowel rod/feathers, the quiver was a covered wine bottle holder with the top cutoff and covered, then was attached to a purchased belt, the wig, hose, boots were also purchased). The bow is actually standing resting on the ground and I am 5’9″ just to give you an idea of the finished standing height.

Hope this has been interesting and informing :),  Tari Telrunya.


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