My New Year…. Ghibli Dress Diary 1 and more :D

Happy New Year Guys!!

So since my last blog about my Ghibli dress I got sick which sucked, it slowed my progress on my dress which really annoyed me. I got this virus that attacks the ribs so i couldn’t move all that much which meant no painting but I kept doing a little bit of it at a time. I was hoping to get the whole of the ocean on there but i didn’t manage to 😦 but i did as much as i possibly could up to the time of this post.

So continuing on from the Goddess of Mercy on the bottom of the dress, I began to continue around with part of the sea bed with a lot of jellyfish and other sea creatures and moving up to Ponyo and Sosuke on their little boat floating along the sea.

I carried on along the bottom adding to the reef, putting jellyfish and lots of different fish and sea creatures on as possible. I am putting a lot on because I was reminded of a scene in the movie Ponyo where her father is under the sea on his boat and there is this HUGE group of sealife so i wanted to do something similar. I have drawn her fathers house and his boat on the dress in the ocean part and my plan is to have the jellyfish in a trail coming from around the boat area and coming all the way round of possible.

So far I’m liking how its turning out, its very busy at the bottom but like i said before i want it to resemble that scene in the movie. Now that i’m a bit better health wise more and more of it is getting done and the more that gets added to it the more i love it. The way I’m feeling about this dress I think its going to be something really special.

I also started a lolita outfit that i was planning on wearing to CamCon in August, but I might be moving around when the cosplays of this year get worn to go along with my sisters or some friends. I thought about making a frilly loli dress, but I’m really not a dress kinda girl in reality and i just kept thinking that if i made a frilly pink dress that i wouldn’t hardly ever wear it, plus i didn’t want to make it, hate it and then i’ve ruined this adorable fabric that i bought and love. So i came up with this idea of doing a jumpsuit type thing so using a dress pattern and a pattern for some bloomer shorts, i started to make my outift. Using some left over pastel coloured fabric i started to make the dress top half. I thought about doing it all one colour but i didnt like the idea of having one solid colour on top. So i did each section of the top half alternating the colours with the pastel aqua colour, and white.

Using the pink rabbit fabric that i love, love, LOVE, I made a pair of bloomer shorts with elasticated legs. I then attached them to the top half of the dress that i made. This gave me the jumpsuit all in one 😀 I’m super happy with it, i love it, its cute 😛

Then i added some ribbon and some frilly lace along the the sides of the front section.

Thats pretty much all I have so far on the suit, i plan on adding shoulder straps with some trim and pearls to make it a smidge cutesier. I have these epic tights lined up to wear with it and the most amazing pink candy wig. My best friend bought me the cutest bag ever for christmas, i love it. Going to be bringing to wear with this outfit. And i also bought a necklace with these pills with faces on them while i was at the birmingham MCM to wear with this outfit and i ordered a cute pair of rabbit strawberry earrings from Nerdgasm (

I also started making the craziest lolita headband possible :P, my first thought for the lolita outfit was to have a bunny ear headband to tie in with the bunny fabric but all the sets of ears i found i either didn’t like the look of or i felt like they were too small for what i wanted. So i thought of making my own and i thought of making them BIG. I cut out the rabbit ears from some white fur and added some pink fabric and then added some wire to them to make them poseable. Then i added them to the strongest headband i could buy, i bought one that was pretty snug on my head so that when the ears were added they wouldn’t be so top heavy that the ears would just fall off my head. I padded the wire out so that it wouldnt dig into my head while i was wearing them and wrapped the whole headband in strips of the white fur to cover it all up. Ive added some of this pink trim that i found in a shop that has these blue strips of colour on the edges and i’ve left it at that for now, i thought about adding some pom poms and bows but i havent really decided yet, as far as the ears go im just kinda winging it. They look amazing on though XD

So thats what i’ve been up to since my last blog, i’m sorry it wasn’t more about my Ghibli dress, but now i am alot better my next diary blog should be more about that cosplay than others.

I hope that 2014 brings great things for everyone and i hope that its a year filled with epic cosplays and conventions for everyone. So what ever you have planned or are working on at the moment for this year, good luck and can’t wait to see when the conventions roll round XD ~ Otakugirl


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