Superheroes – Keeping your privates, private!

If you are considering donning a superhero costume for cosplay, I have a small piece of advice for you that might save you some embarrasment and awkwardness.

*Buy a dancer’s belt*

If you are a guy, wearing tight spandex over that part will draw unwanted attention. Pointing, giggling, and maybe a visit from event staff to send you back to your room to change! And even if it doesn’t, you still run the risk of getting parts of yourself trapped or squashed as you move around and pose for the cameras. But a dancer’s belt is designed for male ballet dancers to avoid just this problem.

Similar in style to a thong, these belts have a padded cup at the front to keep your unmentionables safely out of the way, and smooth over any lumps and bumps. You are then free to make all kinds of dramatic poses without causing shrieking, or doing yourself an injury!

The same applies if you are going to wear a zentai suit, leggings, tights, or crossplay. And if you are female and crossplaying as a male superhero, it will subtly add to the machismo.

As a cautionary note, the back of the belt will ride up and wedge itself between your cheeks, so make sure it is in place there already when you put it on, otherwise it will work its way up there and cause all kinds of discomfort! Also remember to wear it underneath any other underwear you put on.

If you are looking to buy one, dance supplies shops should be able to help you out. I got mine from a local shop, but there are plenty of online suppliers too. And if, like myself, you are on the larger side you will want to find an American-made belt as the European-made ones tend to run on the small side. The elastic around the waist keeps the belt very snug!

As an added bonus to crossplayers these things come in fleshtone as well as black and white. So you can wear fancy underwear over the top that you might not have risked otherwise!


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