October Expo 2013 – A Cardcaptors tale!


So let us start at the beginning! I had finally finished my cosplay on the Tuesday before the expo after weeks of rushing trying to get it done. I unfortunately didn’t have the time to make the hat so I had to borrow one from my friend at the expo. And the white top was an extreme rush job by my standards, that’ll teach me to leave things so long!

Me and my brother left late Friday morning from Taunton and got to London at around 2pm and made our way over to the ExCel. We met a rather nice girl on the tube also going to the expo; wish I could remember what your name was! We got to the ExCel around 3pm and were greeted with a queue that was outside… never seen that before! We were confused as to whether this was the queue we were meant to go in, might have helped if there were signs or people telling people what line to stand in. We eventually got in and dumped our suitcase and had a look around. I usually do all of my shopping on Friday because you can actually see everything without being shoved around. I brought 6 manga’s (half of them were CLAMP, hahaha!) and would later buy a poster and a t-shirt on Saturday. We then headed to the LCA Travelodge once we’d had enough… and found out that we had been booked in a double room and Travelodge wouldn’t change it. Not impressed >_< So me and my brother had to share a double bed. Awkward. None the less I ironed my entire cosplay and sewed on the bells for Saturday.


Saturday started off well, got up, had breakfast, put on my cosplay and went to meet my friend…. Which is where disaster happened! The East Entrance of the ExCel was closed because there was some filming going on (which I was aware of, but we were allowed to walk through there Friday) which meant I had to walk all the way around in the strong wind… which made one of my bells fall off D: I picked it up and had a look at the rest which were barely hanging on and the paint was chipping off. So I made the choice to take them all off once I was safely inside and only put them back on the for masq on Sunday 😦

I walked around with my friend until it was time to meet up with the Saturday CLAMP group! Getting out of the West entrance though was a huge challenge as it was nearly completely blocked; I had to be pulled through a wall of people and an actual wall. People really should have been queued in the other direction! None the less, we got to the CLAMP group. I met some new people and everyone was really friendly as always and we had a great time messing around. I also had a nice talk with a Yuuko cosplayer who had an awesome pipe prop! I had made one myself for one of my Watanuki cosplays but it really wasn’t very good so it was awesome to see one that was really well made!

We all then disbanded at some point (most likely when my brother came back) and I completely forgot about the Just cosplay meet! I am really sorry for that guys, especially when Luna had reminded me that morning oTL I swear my mind goes to mush at expo ^^; Me, my brother and my friend had lunch with some other friends and wandered around in the hall until we decided to call it a day. We went back to the hotel and had a lovely meal at the Travelodge. Yum yum chicken wings! X3


Sunday, the big day! I got up and changed etc and left for the excel. I had a little time before meeting up with the other Clow Cards so I tired to have a go at one of the Zelda games at the Nintendo stand but they saw fit to let the person currently playing on it to do it all day. This annoyed me greatly, I would have only been on it for about 5 minutes >_< So I left in a mush (and nearly had a go at the Nintendo guy for letting the guy play for so long) but quickly cheered up when I met the members of the Clow Card group! Everyone was so amazing! We had photos taken, made small children happy and were even filmed a few times, it’s certainly the most popular group I’ve ever been in.

We split up when part of the group went for pre-judging for the masq (I choose not to since part of my cosplay was rushed and the hat was borrowed) and I met back up with my brother. We had lunch and wondered around some more until it was time for me to meet back up with the group so we could line up for the masq. While I was waiting I took the opportunity to attach the 3 bells to my cosplay and I took great care when I moved about this time! I must admit that waiting for the masq makes me very stressed, especially when it starts late because I have a train that I have to catch in order to get home!  The masq itself went fine, although I often wonder if I move about on stage too fast! The 2nd time I went back on stage (I was on for two parts) was partly improvised since The Flower card took my hat (and so very nearly my wig) rather unexpectedly! It was funny though so I didn’t mind and we all had a great time. We all plan to do it again another time so that others who missed out/had to drop out this time can join in. What a huge group that will be!

In the end though, my brother was right to be worried about catching our train; we literally caught it by MINUTES. Although it was it was the DLR replacement buses etc that was at fault rather than the masq starting late. We didn’t even get to our McDonalds at the station like we normally always do, sad times.

So overall I had a great time and I’ve never had such a popular cosplay before. I was literally being stopped every 5 minutes inside the main hall and all of the nice compliments people gave were incredibly nice. Although I have only found one of the photos taken of me, which was disappointing. But that’s how things go I guess!

So what’s in store for me at the next Expo? Well, I’ll be cosplaying Asch from Tales of the Abyss. My first expo without cosplaying something CLAMP related! Shock horror!




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