Ghibli Dress Diary 2: Work and Rainy Days but I’m plodding on…

Hey guys and gals hope everyone is doing good and not freaking out too much now that the first expo’s are upon us. Since the last time i blogged about the Ghibli dress I have done sooooo much and i am super happy with the way its turning out. Even though I’ve had to contend with work and making other cosplays for other conventions I am still feeling great. After carrying on with the sea creatures all along the bottom I came to the next section where I began to draw on Ponyo’s father on his undersea boat, this took me soooo long because he ended up soooo small and there was a lot of details to put onto it. I brought all the jellyfish that run along the bottom right up to his boat and I started a trail of Ponyo’s sisters from the back of the boat that run down to the bottom of the dress and then up again…..

By bringing them up again I was able to have Ponyo’s sisters bursting out of the water and onto the shoreline a little. To this section I also added the whales and I wanted the fish waves on the dress somewhere so decided to have a little section of them on this part too.

I actually didn’t know what to add to the next section of the dress, so being stuck i went back to the movie for more inspiration. After re watching for like the millionth time, I decided to transistion from the whales to Ponyo’s father’s house where he lives under the ocean. So once again back to the drawing and then the painting XD

Starting to paint over the outlines

Once I had finished the painting of the outlines

After this section it meant the whole of the ocean had been drawn on and ALL the outlines had been done, I was super relieved at this point, its sooo big I didn’t think i would end up getting anywhere in all honesty. BUT THE BOTTOM IS DONE!!!! This is the result that I was left with after finishing the ocean.


Side 1


Side 2

BUT I’m happy to say that after the ocean I managed to keep going and I moved onto the land section of the dress. I think this section is quickly becoming my favourite because of the variety of characters that are in it. I started at the front and deciding who to put on the front section was hard for me because i want to be able to see all the characters when i wear it but i know thats not possible >_< but at least everyone else will be able to see the rest πŸ˜›

I started drawing on the front with Princess Mononoke characters, taking Askitaka, San, the wolves and Yakul. Moving around to the side drawing on some Totoro characters which i nestled in some trees in a small forest area on the dress. Moving around the dress I came to draw Arietty and Sho. When I paint this section with these two I want to have them in a field of flowers, but rather than draw on thousands of flowers I'm just going to paint them straight on when I get around to putting all the colour on. I also drew a few lines in for mountains and a lake in the background, which will all go on when the colour goes on. Moving around I drew on a large hill and on the top I placed the bath house from Spirited Away, and further down the hill I have No Face, Zeniba and Aogaeru. To the left of the Princesss Mononoke characters I had drawn the basis for a large field which i then drew Arren and Therru in her dragon form. At this point in time I had only managed to draw on this many characters but to give myself a break from all the drawing I went on to paint over the outlines of these few characters before i drew the rest on.

The Totoro forest and then moving along to Arietty and Sho in what will be the field of flowers with the lake and mountain backdrop

No face, Zeniba and Aogaeru with the bath house in the back on the mountain

Arren and Therru in their field. I think I am going to add the cat bus into this field in the foreground

So this is basically what I was left with after all that painting


Side 1

Side 2

Well at this point I hadn’t done anything to the back, but since all this i am happy to report I have finished the whole of the land section and have even started on the sky section. Once its all done the fun part will begin and all the colour will have to be put on! This is something I am both really looking forward to and dreading because of how long its going to take me.

Well I thought i would leave this diary entry here, I can’t wait to show everyone what else I have accomplished the next time i blog but it will have to wait. Oh… and I made these little guys, but I’m not telling what they’re for yet πŸ˜‰

Can you guess what they’re for? πŸ˜›

Love you guys, til next time BYE BYE ~ Otakugirl


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