Pandora: Spectra Costume Progress

As a big fan of the Monster High doll series, I’ve wanted to do a costume for ages, but it’s only recently I found an outfit I liked and thought I could actually make!

Official artwork of Spectra Vondergeist

Spectra Vondergeist – Daughter of the Ghosts

Bodice and skirt are well within my skills, and I even have a way to do those killer heels. But more on those in a later post! For now I’m working on the bodice.  The first thing I did was to find as much reference material as I could – official and fan art, photos of the doll herself, and even photos of the official kids fancy dress costume.

The first thing I noticed is that the ruffled panel is only on the sides in the box art. and web cartoon. The actual doll just has it at the front. If I was entering a competition or being graded on accuracy I’d add side panels too. But as this is a floor costume and will mostly be seen from the front and back, it’s wasted detail.

Photo of the Spectra doll and accessories

And the actual doll

My initial idea had been to get some wide ribbon, ruffle it, and add it to the front of a cotton cami-top. Sadly I was unable to find wide enough ribbon. But I did get some magenta satin that could be pressed into service.

Measuring the cami and doodling was the next step:

Sketch of Spectra's cami-top

Once I had the measurements I laid out a fabric strip 1.5 times the length of the top and tacked along the edges and up the middle. Then I held the top of the threads taut and slid the excess fabric towards the botton end, creating a ruffled effect. It was a little uneven, but I think it looks nicer than regimented box pleats.

Close up of ruffled magenta satin and tacking

Close-up of the ruffles showing the tacking threads. The card is to stop me pinning to the back of the top!

Pinning the fabric to the top was quite difficult, and more trial and error than skill. And then keeping them in place when machine sewing the strip to the cami-top was a major challenge. It was a case of sewing slowly, and rearranging the ruffles as I went to counter any drag or shifting.

It’s currently sewn to the cami-top, and hemmed at the top and bottom. The next step will be to finalise the stitching up the middle. And then I’ll work on the wet-look fabric to tidyly border the ruffled panel. After that we’ll look at the shoulder straps, then move on to the skirt!

Cami-top with ruffles sewn on, hanging up on display.

Current state of play


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