Tangled in an Idea

Hi guys, first of all I just want to apologise for the fact that I probably won’t get a diary blog out about my Ghibli dress this month as I am in the middle of sorting out the house after a big move. But I didn’t want you all to go without something this month so I decided that because I got all the materials in the post and I bought a new glue gun today I would do a blog about making a tiara for my Rapunzel cosplay from Tangled.

My cosplay is actually the normal purple Rapunzel dress but I have made a cape trimmed with a gold pattern similar to the pattern on the skirt of the dress and I made a custom set of shoes, oh and I’m wearing the short brown hairstyle like at the end of the film.

At first I wasn’t going to bother with a tiara because as Luna Hawke pointed out to me she only wears it (brown hair + tiara) for one scene at the very end of the movie, but i decided to give it a go as I couldnt get one from the Disney Store so this is my blog about how I made it.

Scene at the end of the movie

This is the image of the actual tiara that I used for my reference while i was drawing my template

First things first is what you are going to need if you want to give it a go
– A strong craft wire
– Craft foam
– Gold Spray Paint
– 1 Larger tear shaped gem and 2 slightly smaller (size of your choice)
– 8 small red gems
– 4 small blue gems
– Large bag of fake pearls
– scissors and craft knife
– Hot glue gun

So the first thing I did was make a metal halo. I took a length of wire and bend it around into a circle and kept trying it on my head so that it sat nicely around the back of my head and perched at a nice height on the front of my head. After getting it the right length after a few attempts at making it larger i cut the wire to size, bent the ends in and interlocked them and used a little hot glue to make sure they don’t come apart.

Metal halo that fits my head 🙂

Next I measured from the middle of the halo using a sewing measuring tape to where i thought i would like the front of the tiara to end, in my case i made it seven inches either side of the central point on the halo. Then I got some paper and drew out a 14 inch line and marked the middle. From that I drew the slightly cured bottom line like on the reference image and took one of each gem and one pearl as a size guide to draw out my template. Using my reference image, which was the Disney Store tiara, I started to draw (from the middle) the main gems onto my line by tracing them.

Draw a rough bottom line like the tiara has including the curve that goes up to the centre

Start to trace your gems onto ur tiara using your reference image at all times to make sure they’re all in the right place

Once you have drawn out one side of your tiara pattern you can fold the image in half and trace the other side so both match perfectly. Once you have done this you can cut out the sections that need to be gone and trace those onto the other side and cut those sections out.

Fold in half your drawing and trace other side

I filled in the sections that needed cutting out in blue

It should start like this….

Half cut out sections

And end up like this all cut out and ready to trace onto your craft foam 🙂

All sections that should be gone should be cut out 🙂

Next trace it onto your craft foam, in my case I cut out 3 of them as my craft foam was pretty thin but if yours is quite thick and sturdy then I would just cut two. I cut one out just like the template with all the sections missing and the other two with the main gem parts not cut out. This is so my gems can be recessed into the tiara.

Trace onto craft foam

You should be left with your craft foam cut outs 2 or 3 depending on the strength of ur foam

Take the front foam piece (the one with all the neccesary sections cut out) and glue the bottom of the wire halo to the bottom of the foam tiara piece. Then you want to take the back piece and make a sandwich with the wire and push the back onto the front

Glue the wire to the bottom of the front piece and then sandwich the wire in between the two pieces glueing it in place

It should end up like this

Foam sandwich around the wire all glued in place

The next thing is to do is paint it gold, but before you do make sure all the edges are nice and tidy because there’s no going back after this 😛 Use your scissors and knives to make sure all the edges are nice and smooth and how you want them and then paint!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember though all spray painting and glueing to be done in a well ventillated area!

Going back to your reference image and your template you can start glueing on all the gems like i did 🙂

The start of a million gems 😛

About half way through…… 😀

By the end of it you should be left with your tiara. From your original paper template to your gorgeous tiara that doesnt cost very much to make.

All of this doesn’t cost very much to make, all in all it cost me £2 for my tear shaped gems, £2 for the foam, £1 for the paint and a couple of pence for the glue and the wire was free for me but its not very much in your local craft stores.


Now I have a Rapunzel tiara that fits my head perfectly! It doesn’t move when i tilt my head forward as its held on by the dip in the back of my neck and it doesnt fall off backwards but if you have issued with it slipping it can be held in place with some hidden bobby pins down the side of the wire halo. I hope that this tutorial will help some people with their cosplays. Happy cosplay season everyone! ~ Otakugirl


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