Gallifrey One 25 (2014)

This past February I went on my yearly pilgrimage to Los Angeles and the Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One.  I am not the best with words but I hope you will enjoy the pictures and commentary 🙂

The annual Gallifrey One Pond Paradox (there was another later with Arthur Darvill but I don’t have photo permission for those).


This is a group I am part of The Brotherhood of Harkness, I am Ada Gillyflower in this shot.


Several Generations of Cybermen.


In Order here Tasha Lem, black and white tardis, and the tenth Doctor at kareoke.


A group of Osgoods/Captain Jack/Kate Stewart, Katy Manning (Jo Grant) and myself as Tardis.


Ohila (Night of the Doctor), My friend’s interpretation of K-9, Madame de Pompadour.


Daleks (there is a tiny one on the floor), Valentines Dalek (friday of the con was valentines day), Sparkly Master.


The Happiness Patrol, Fifth Doctor (although I am pretty sure he is proof time travel is real), War Doctor/both versions of the Eighth Doctor.


The plushies I created for the art show sale, Feme raggedy man Doctor and myself as the Tardis.


Finally to complete this visual account of Gallifrey One this year ………….. The Tenth Doctor acting like a zombie at kareoke (song was eat your brains)


Hope to give you another amusing visual report next year, much Whovian love, Tari Telrunya 🙂


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