Rapunzel’s Time at Birmingham MCM expo 2014

Hey everyone, the first thing I wanna say is sorry that my blogs have been few and far between atm. I moved house and everythings been up in the air and then the first of the cons started so its busy busy busy, but I am hoping to have my next Ghibli dress Diary up at the weekend…fingers crossed. So with that said……

Recently I went down to the Birmingham MCM expo at the NEC and I had a lot of fun. The day started out getting up at 5am so that I could transform myself into Rapunzel for the trip down. So with my costume ready and everything packed up it was time to go!

Rapunzel cosplay 😀

Travelling down with my best friend Phil, we made our way half asleep to another friends house to pick him up. This was cool for me because I hadn’t seen this friend for like 10 years and after picking up Gary we were on the road to the NEC! The car ride was pretty awesome, thinking it was gonna be all awkward but it wasn’t lots of laughs and randomness ensued.

My friends Gary (left) and Phil – cosplaying Brendan from pokemon (right)

When we arrived we were confronted with the usual expo awesomeness, but even though we set off early and i figured we’d be late arriving we had arrived before it had even opened so we jumped in the queue. There were so many cosplayers there which always makes me happy to see :D. We spent most of the morning going around the stalls and buying up as much loot as we could get our hands on 😛 I bought a butt ton of stuff including a HUGE Piccolo plush from Dragonball Z.

We milled about for quite a while and then it was time for the guys to get more money so they left me outside the halls waiting for them. This was a really new experience to me because I have never had such a response to a cosplay before. I had sooo many children saying ‘look mummy/daddy its Rapunzel’ and smiling and waving at me. One little girl came up to me had her photo taken with me and I gave her a Rapunzel doll much to her parents surprise and her brother a load of sweeties. I don’t think they could quite believe that I was actually giving it to her and I hope in doing so I made her day brighter :D. Sadly I could not meet the prize winner at the expo to give her her prize, but she now has it and I hope she’s enjoying her Pascal plush. Lunch time came and it was time to chill and grab a subway YUMMY YUM YUM!

Chilling after all the walking with ALL THE LOOTS!

I also spent the day giving out loads of haribo to random peeps and i met a lot of really cool cosplayers, sadly me being the spoon that I am I couldn’t find the Disney meetup I was supposed to be going to and this really upset me because i missed out on getting some pictures with some really cool people. But apart from that there was no end of really nice people complementing me on my cosplay and one lovely girl (Julia Hemmings) who thought my shoes were awesome!

Me as Rapunzel with Julia Hemmings – photo taken by her friends at the expo

SELFIES WITH A PRINCESS! Me as Rapunzel with Julia Hemmings – Selfie taken by her XD

Disney Selfie! Me as Rapunzel with Katherine Ann Hemmings as Alice

Me as Rapunzel with my Giant Piccolo

Whenever I go to MCM expo’s I always meet such great people, theres always loads to do and its a lot of fun. I can’t wait for the next one in May, to which I will now be wearing my female Edward Kenway cosplay and my lolita outfit…. sadly not my Ghibli dress as I now plan on entering it in the masquerade at SunnyCon (fingers crossed).

Female Edward Kenway cosplay for May MCM expo 2014

Thank you to all the people who made my day at the MCM expo amazing 😀 Getting ready for the next one ~ Otakugirl


3 thoughts on “Rapunzel’s Time at Birmingham MCM expo 2014

  1. Lovely article and love your costumes 🙂 I attended this expo and it was the first time I’ve ever done Cosplay – all because my friend from overseas was meeting me there and wanted us to dress as rogues from our Warcraft guild. I had a great time and loved being in costume! Would love to do more but as an older person, I’m kinda nervous. I do agree though, everyone was lovely but I did get a few strange looks driving up in costume and full face-paint 😀 I found your site when I googled for older cosplay and it popped up with the blog on why age/size/-anything- should not stop you from Cosplay – very inspiring 🙂

    • Im glad you enjoy it. Our aim is exactly that, to inspire people and help them to give back what others in the cosplaying community have given us in the most positive way, so hearing this has really made my day 😀 Its also nice to have non spam comments too XD If you ever want help with anything at all, you can just poke us on facebook And we’ll try our best 🙂 Or just any old cosplay banter 😀 we are there for it all ^-^ And i really wouldnt be worried about being too old for it, I personally know people in their 50’s who still do it 😉 And there are people out there in their 90’s who cosplay. so its all good 😀 I will make Sure OtakuGirl and Pandora know this comment is here too as im the only one who gets the notifications 🙂 – Luna

    • Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you had so much fun. As Luna said if you ever need any help with anything cosplay rekated we will all try to help you in any way we can. We all wanna have fun and its great to hear from new cosplayers 😀 Please try not to be put off by the ‘i am an older cosplayer part’ I am 26 this year and a lot of our bloggers and a lot of my cosplaying friends fall into the older cosplayer category, its all in good fun though and plenty of people do it. Thank you and hope to see you around at expo’s soon ~Otakugirl

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