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I know I haven’t written anything for the blog lately but MAN have I been super busy. I have got so much going on at the minute with regards to cosplay, that I never seem to have any time to do much else apart from make things. I love it don’t get me wrong but it means I kinda dropped the ball on blogging for a while so I thought I would come back to it with a run down of what I am up to atm 😀

So I’ll start with the current projects for Octobers MCM expo in London. For the Saturday of the expo I have started to make a Ellen Ripley cosplay from the 1st Alien movie. The first thing I actually ordered was the wig, and this thing only took 5 days to get here from America and man oh man is it beautiful. You wouldn’t believe how much searching it took to find the perfect wig for Ripley that I was actually happy with and actually had to get Luna Hawke and some other friends to help me look.

Ripley Reference

My Ripley Wig

Side/back of Ripley wig

All the parts to make the actual suit have been ordered, the grey, patches, zips and shoe laces to lace up the back. I also got my hands on a nerf rifle that I am going to modify into the flamethrower. Depending on how it turns out looks wise I may even write a tutorial on what nerf gun I used and what I did to make it work. Ive got really great reference pics for this and hopefully when I’m done with it, it will look like this 😀

Flamethrower from Alien

The second cosplay for October is my Ghibli dress, and there will be a separate update to this one soon. Its just a case of getting everything together 😀

I have also started to make my cosplays for next May’s MCM expo in London, which are Sumomo Akihime from Nanatsuiro Drops and a big sister from Bioshock 2. I’ve started these cosplays because the big sister is quite a big undertaking and I want to have plenty of time to get it done just the way I want it.

Sumomo Akihime reference

Big Sister Reference

The only thing I have managed to do for Sumomo so far is make my Yuki plushie, which I am really happy with. He’s made of just felt and a left over bell that I had in my sewing stash. He only took me about a couple of hours to put together

My Yuki plushie 😀

My big sister however is further along. I have started to make a paper mache helmet. Using a giant football that I got from a local beach shop, I have started to cover the ball in layers of paper mache, so far its had about two layers.

I’ve also got hold of the leather that I need for the corset and such. I got an offcut from the Yorkshire trading post in Louth for £4 and its quite large, the reason I got it so cheap was coz its ‘damaged’ but to be honest its only got a few minor holes in it and that doesn’t matter since my version of the big sister will be a little bit more worn that the reference pics anyway.

I also wanted a little sister to go with this cosplay and when I mentioned it to my little sister in real life she said that she liked the idea of cosplaying as a little sister so she’ll be coming with me next May as one. I also wanted to have a little sister in my basket (like in game) that is mounted to the back of the big sister. The more I thought about this idea the more I wanted to do it, so I started on making a custom doll. She’s 3ft tall and she was actually given to me for free 😀 free is always best lol.

Doll as she was when she was given to me

The first thing I did was take her head off, clean her down because she was VERY dirty, throw her old clothes away and then I could begin transforming her into my little sister. My mum actually came up with the idea of her eyes lighting up which I LOVED this idea, so unfortunately for her, her eyes had to come out. This took me a while as her eyes were in these moulded socked which I had to cut out of her head. Once she was eyeless, off came her hair. My plan was to try and sort it out and dye it black but it was too matted to fix. So shes bald and waiting on a new wig lol. Then her head and her body went outside to get sprayed a nice grey shade like in my reference pictures. Whilst painting her, I think I must have scared the neighbours XD with it sat on the garden table like it was

Little sister – Bioshock 2

Head after having eyes removed and being sprayed

Body after painting and adding off dress but before i added all the dirt and blood, still needs collar on dress

Once she was sprayed she got a new face painted on and nice long eyelashes added.

After she was app sprayed up she got a new outfit. I made a nice little blue dress with a white apron addition and then tore the heck out of it and tea stained it to give it that dirtied effect and added paint ‘dirt’ and bloodied her up with red. The dress still isn’t finished, I still have to add the white collar to it. Then taking the head, I added orange film that’s used to tint car lights into the inside of the head at the back of the eyes so that when the lights were in her eyes would glow orange/yellow. Then I bought a set of £1 fairy lights and pushed them through a whole in the back of her head one by one and then hid the battery pack for her down the back of her dress. I have showed this to my friends and their reaction was she was very scary which I am SUPER SUPER happy with because that’s how a little sister should be in my opinion 😀

Little sister progress minus new hair and collar on dress

Preview of glowing eyes in action 😀

I am also going to CamCon in Cambridge in a few weeks but have yet to decide what cosplay i am wearing. I am also working on 2 different versions of princess Anna from Frozen for this year and next. I am hoping to enter my big sister in next Mays masquerade and fingers crossed my Ghibli dress in Octobers masquerade. So please come and support me if you are coming to the expo in October and what does everyone think to the little sister so far? ~Otakugirl

Coronation dress

Travelling Anna


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