Diary 4 – Continue with the Ghibli Storyteller dress

Hi everyone! 😀

I am suuuuuper behind on all things Ghibli dress atm diary wise, so this is kind of a little catch up on what i’ve been doing but bare in mind that I have done more than what will be in this entry.

So last time i blogged about my Ghibli dress it was very white and it had no characters in the sky section of the dress. Well I started to draw all the ‘sky’ characters onto the dress. I started with the Laputa Castle in the Sky characters Sheeta and Pazu and then I moved on to putting on Porco Rosso flying around in his plane 😀

Sheeta and Pazu

Porco Rosso in his plane

From there i moved onto drawing on the characters from My Neighbours the Yamada’s floating on a cloud

The Yamadas

Shizuku went on from Whisper of the heart and actually at this point I had realised that I had forgot Naussica which really annoyed me but since this realisation I managed to squeeze her on the dress.

Howl and Sophie were also in the sky section of my list because i wanted to draw them floating across the sky together like at the start of the movie Howl’s Moving Castle
Kiki and Gigi from Kiki’s delivery service went on next to the stream of soot sprites (which i’ll talk about in a second and above them I drew Haku and Chihiro from Spirited Away

Kiki and Gigi

Haku and Chihiro

The soot sprites from Spirited Away i wanted to make a feature of on this dress as I love them so much, so i made a sooty trail that starts from the bath house on the hill and is blown up into the sky area and right around up the chest and along the strap. I really like the way this turned out and i think its super cute ❤

I had also added the last of the characters to the land and put the base colour for the grass onto the entire dress. The characters that were added since the last diary entry were, Seita and Setsuko – Grave of the Fireflys, The Cat Bus – My Neighbour Totoro, a lot of characters from the film Only Yesterday, From Up on Poppy Hill and The Wind Rises

The start of the base grass green going on

More work on the grass green

Here you can see my additions from Only yesterday, Grave of the Fireflys and From up on Poppy Hill

Cat Bus addition to the land area

And here is a pic as it stood a while back, since this colour started to go on the sky so I will blog about it asap.

So yeah this is what I had done and failed to blog about sworry ^_^’ but I’ve been super busy trying to get it all finished and the headpiece ready for the masquerade at the London MCM expo in October. I am curious as to what everyone thinks about it, why not leave me a comment? I hope you guys enjoyed this little update, sorry its more picture heavy but i am trying to catch up with myself blog wise XD

Rushing like a mad woman to finish ~ Otakugirl


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